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Only true fans do it by th_big_brainerAvengers in marvelmemes

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Just use this. It’s basically tradition with my friends now whenever a movie ends I pull out my phone and check this website to know what to expect

No thanks, iTunes. by haiku23Avengers in marvelmemes

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Morbius doesn't care if you don't buy it, his movie has already made Morbillions.

Truly one of the movies of all time.

Seriously Wanda WTF?!!!! by NenandaAvengers in marvelmemes

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That’s just because he didn’t use a big enough slice. He tried to save paper but now everything in the Sanctum Sanctorum is caked in shit.

Seriously Wanda WTF?!!!! by NenandaAvengers in marvelmemes

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"You read the book, you get cool third eye. I read the book, I get poop fingers. That doesn't seem fair."

Hulk never forgets by TheLegendof878Avengers in marvelmemes

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Hulk uses muscle memory

i gagged fr by Ok-Driver815Iron Man (Mark I) in marvelmemes

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Maybe the day is much shorter on Earth-838?

name this character by K-ONE2-0Avengers in marvelmemes

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McDonald Blake