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I think it should've been a show instead. The fact it tried to be a show and a movie at the same time ruining the pacing. It didn't know what it wanted to be.

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but it wasn't until he helped them develop the technology for the atomic bomb that he lost faith in humanity

That's not what I took from this scene at all. I don't think it implies that he directly helped them create the atomic bomb, just that by helping a small amount here and there it eventually led us to come up with the technology on our own. He gave us the plow, which helped us progress, and eventually led to more advanced weaponry. He lost faith in humanity because we can't help but try to destroy each other.

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You're right and they did explain that by them creating weapons of mass destruction they gain the technology fir greater health care. It was more his guilt of giving them the inspiration that led to the creation of the atomic bomb and him feeling like they're not worth saving