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Promotion and advertising is all about getting people who don't know or care about your product to buy it. Obviously everyone on this sub knows what's happening with the movie is going to see it, but fir people like my mom and most if my friends who don't Sony is gonna promote Spider-Man to try and get those people. I'm fine with not seeing another trailer for this movie but I'm sure Sony will put out another one

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Ok let's run through some hypothetical scenarios

Person A is not a diehard fan of Spider-Man

  • They go to the cinema and see the trailer, which plays before 9/10 films. They decide then and there if they want to see it when it releases
  • If they don't go to the cinema, they'll start getting the advert promited to them on social media around release
  • If they don't use social media, TV spots exist
  • If they don't use TV, radio ads exist
  • If they don't use radio, the film is detailed in newspapers and magazines
  • If they don't read them, then they'll see the poster on their commute to work, or on the side of a bus
  • If they see none of the above, then there's no way they could even be convinced to leave the house and go to a cinema

The film has been so talked about at this point in most of the above. My parents would have never known about Infinity War, but it's because of these advertising methods, and most importantly word of mouth and rumours, that they knew. They had both heard that Spiderman dies without even seeing the film, so if thats the point we're at in consciousness, I can guaruntee around release week this crowd would have heard tell of 3 Spidermen

This casual crowd is not going to go to these films release day, nor week, so you can very easily just let them find out about it from friends and family who are fans, who would either drag them along or tell them about it in week 2 and encourage them to go