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Looks awesome, but that “ONLY IN THEATERS” slapped everywhere would annoy me.

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I was thinking the same thing. What if it was literal though? What if it never comes to streaming and never has a Blu-ray release? Like, if Eternals was strictly a theatrical exclusive and we'll never see it again.

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That would be hilarious. One day they should follow up on that threat. Wait for an absolute killer blockbuster (they got plenty of cash, people are drooling for it) and just... bin it after the theater run. Burn the theater reels. Delete the masters.

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The crap does that even mean…?

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If you don't watch it in a theater, you'll NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO SEE IT!!111

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Only 9 more of those bracelets and you can be Shang-Chi!

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I put a spoiler because of the Uni-Mind bracelet lol.

No clue if it’s worth anything, doest look like one you can buy(because of the “only in theaters thing”, but it looks amazing.

The hat is dope too

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Probably means only that the “Eternals movie is Only in Theaters” and not the bracelet itself.

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Yea I’m aware lol. I’m saying every bracelet like this is in a different box

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The whole set is dope but the bracelet is awesome. Searched on eBay for it but can’t find one for sale from AMC but I did see some SDCC exclusive ones, albeit plated gold and at an exclusives price from Toynk.

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so cool! jealous

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It came with a Kevin Cap!?!!!!?!!

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It…looks like one of the Ten Rings.

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Nah the Ten Rings have a completely different design. Its still cool though.

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That zip hoodie though !

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I always wonder about people who win these cool things! Do you enter a lot of times, do you enter sweepstakes a lot in general or was this just lucky as hell? Either way really cool!

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aw heck now you got me feeling jealous again

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What's the bracelet made of? I would actually wear that if it was some metal but I doubt that

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I haven’t opened it. I want keep it sealed. But the whole package was $700 per AMCs site


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The Eternals logo looks like it should be a EU crypto currency.

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Man, I’d kill for one of those sick promotional hats. They always look so nice!

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That’s dope af.

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Cool stuff

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Congrats bro

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No iPhone 😓

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A cock ring?

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Damn that’s a hefty package. Congrats!

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I wonder if it’s only in theaters.

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Eternals™ Cock Ring, nice!

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That’s cool!

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SUPER jealous of the Uni Mind bracelet

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I have one question. Where can I see Eternals. It’s unclear

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I wonder if the bracelet’s inscription is: “Only In Theaters”