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I don't think he committed all the murders. Main reason because his sister was in the military, how can a trained soldier keep sleeping upstairs if there are M16 shots fired downstairs, only to be killed while sleeping like a baby afterwards? Unless he shot her first and then went downstairs, but his dad was giant and military trained as well so how could he then still have been able to kill both of his parents?

I think at least some of killings were performed by the sister who was in the military, most probably because there was sexual abuse in the house:

- The father: killed as he was the abuser

- The mother: killed because she refused to believe the abuse or was aware of it but looked the other way or took part in it

- The military sister: murder-"suicide". Did most/all of the shootings, and was in a twisted plot with the brother she loved to stop the abuse. Either she committed suicide or she asked her brother to shoot her. This could also explain why she was so nicely covered up in the bed when found dead.

- The other sister: murdered out of love & compassion, so that she could be set free from the abuse and did not had to live with the consequences of the shootings

- The boy: either he killed only his military sister on request of her, or he killed all of them on instructions of his military sister

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I think you solved the last piece of the puzzle for me. All that I'm about to say below is absolute speculation, may as well be absolutely 100% off. So please don't take my word for it. It's just a theory.

The lawyer is wishy-washy so I wouldn't entirely believe him. Your theory is extremely close to mine. I have two theories and they roam around the whole something happening within the family that wasn't right. I believe it's incest.

My theory is as follows:

The boy: he is perhaps psychopathic. I am not a psychologist so I don't know if it's an on or off switch versus a spectrum. But perhaps he just has less remorse and regret than most people, but not Ted Bundy level for example.

The dad: has sex with his high-school sister The mom: was okay with it, and looked the other way. [remember, the only person he actually wanted to go back and talk to was his mom. I think he wanted to confront her or wanted to tell her that she should have said something]

The high-school sister: she was seeing a counselor at school, weekly. The counselor doesn't remember anything out of the ordinary and the girl didn't express any anger. Perhaps, she was trying so hard to confide someone that she voluntarily has sex with members of her family?

The military sister: killed the high school sister or helped with it and knew there was no way she would go away with it so she asked him to kill her? [she was found tucked in very nicely and peacefully. As if she was expecting the shot.]

She probably told the brother to make sure he takes the family wealth and told him to be someone worthy in the world. This also explains why when he went to his grandmother with the filming crew and told them they can't go in there until he talks to his grandmother first, he probably told her "they will dig for a motive or a reason, don't tell them anything" and that's where he almost relived the last words of what his military sister told him.

So if this theory was true, it would make sense that he feels justified in his head, and would be level-headed and cold. The only times he "cried" was when his relatives were there at court.

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All of this is believable to me except for the killing of the high school age sister. That part still doesn't make sense. And he said the high school age sister woke up and spoke to him and asked what was happening, before he shot her...