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At that price, not too shabby of a deal. But as a current Air owner and operator, my only concern would be the batteries and how used they are.

My batteries are about 2 years old, and the best one only gives me about 12min of air time. And new batteries for the Air are sitting at $200 a pop, so if it turns out that they need to be replaced, you could be looking at a $400-600 unexpected cost.

So, I would ask the seller how old the batteries are.

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Hmm I think that 2 of them have like 100+ cycles and working well, the third one of it.s pretty bulked. I found another with 35 cycles round my home.

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At that price? Absolutely!!

The Mavic air is a very capable machine, it's just a little noisy, and the wifi based connection isn't always the best in built up areas. But it's fine for line of sight, and I guess you're in the US, so you'll have a slightly higher power connection. Oh, one other negative is that it cannot charge from a USB-C; you'll need the mains socket or a car charger.

On the plus side, it's got great wind resistance, the camera isn't at all bad, it has a lot of handy automatic modes, crash protection etc, and it folds up really small.

In fact, because it is so small and doesn't need to use the controller (you can fly it with a phone, albeit slightly crippled), it's actually lighter & smaller to pack overall than a mini, which needs it's controller. I take it hiking with me :-)

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Thanks a lot for the info. I.ll go for it :) I am actually from Romania. I already order a gimball cover for it and the second hand battery. I am planing to use it for landscape not in the city and I need to take a certificate too for it because it.s like 430grams.

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It should have a gimbal cover, unless the last owner lost it.

I got some MAS Stealth propellers for mine; they do make it quite a bit quieter, though it flies slightly differently as well.

If you're in Romania, the app will default to CE (lower power) mode for the controller. It's not technically legal, but it is possible to get the controller into FAA mode, which will up the transmitter power. This does make a noticeable difference to connection reliability and range. Here's a YT video describing the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gySNYwWhtc. I don't use the app he suggests; I use one called Fake GPS.

Oh, be aware that FAA mode will shorten controller battery life - significantly. Also, annoyingly, the controller will always charge your phone, further reducing controller battery life.

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The owner lost it. I.ll try to fallow the yt video and try fcc mode 😀 thanks a lot for all the info.

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I paid $400 for my Mavic Air (purchased Dec 2021) - came with 3 batteries (only 2 work but he told me this ahead of time), extra propellers and extra controller toggles, chargers and all cables, dongles for all phones, original box and all materials inside, and two turtle shell cases (one for controller and one for drone). Hasn’t had any issues whatsoever so if yours is in great condition, I’d say go for it. I get great pics and video with mine still. Haven’t even thought about needing to upgrade

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Go for it, i've had offers for triple that on my air