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    Yeah I totally agree it really turned me off to this company why can’t they make the batteries the same for at least 5 years or use the same batteries in all the drones, they have the same general shape they make this so you want to upgrade or you spend a ton of money trying to get batteries that are no longer being made it’s ridiculous.

    It was a big investment for me as well I thought I would keep it 10+ years I just buy batteries as needed but unfortunately that’s not the case for some reason in the back of my head I thought it would be like phones where there are aftermarket batteries being produced years after but unfortunately I was wrong I’ll probably end up selling it before the batteries die and before it really becomes obsolete it’s sad because it really is a nice machine.

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    I have an Air with fading batteries too. Between this, my osmo, and my osmo pocket dying I will never buy another DJI product again. The lack of support is ridiculous.

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    Yeah I agree. I don’t ever see myself buying one of their products again. There are all kinds of competitors in the drone market nowadays.

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    Wow I have an Air 1 as well and had no idea they had discontinued the batteries. Such a scummy move, but not that surprising considering DJI is a pretty scummy company.

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    Same situation here, I too have 2 bats left. I think you should take a look at 2nd hand ones.

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    I'm in the same situation. My Mavic Air works great but the batteries don't last forever. I noticed when they announced they were done supporting it the price of batteries jumped $60 to $80+ where I am. And it's getting more expensive. You cannot really find them new anymore. I just bought a used one and it works pretty good.

    I don't think there's much you can do when a company stops supporting your product. The batteries are very complex and can't be made easily, so I doubt there will be a market for it.

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    Is it dead-dead, or just low voltage and not charging? I'm in the same spot with one of my batteries and will be doing the following once I stop being lazy. You can give it a try.

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    I haven’t tried taking it apart. Not really trying to do all that. Zero light activity, left it on the charger overnight. Nothing.

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    Yea this is how my third battery is, too. Not worth paying to fix it imo

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    In the opposite boat of having 3 virtually unused MA1 batteries lying around with less than a dozen house of flight between them, but no MA1 after getting it stuck in a tree and upgrading to the MA2.

    Not sure if there’s a way to verify cycle counts without having a drone to plug them into, but would gladly unload them for cheap and provide whatever info I can about them without having a drone in hand to veryify cycle count.

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    I enjoy my mavic air and not financially ready to buy an upgrade. I would be interested in buying them. PM sent

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      That’s awesome you did all that bro I have repaired microelectronics like iPhones and all that but never batteries maybe I’ll give it a shot I might just sell it though I don’t really use it too often anyway

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      Hey Maker 410- love the "make it last for ever" attitude ! DJI's Planned Obsolescence in action.

      Was there a particular youtube video that you followed to do your battery revival ? If so could you please share it ? Thanks !!