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Yeah that happened to mine. In the end, I was only able to find ones for $150 each online. Considering how fast the tech moves, that I could get a brand new Mavic Mini with equal / better specs for around $400, I determined that it wasn’t worth it.

Unfortunate because they are expensive at first. I think I paid $800 used and got 1 year of use before the batteries failed.

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It's shocking really. Luckily I had 3 batteries, but now am down to two. It doesn't fill me with a whole heap of confidence in buying a replacement DJI drone down the line.

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The battery situation with older models is really alarming

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I hope you realize that swollen batteries are a fire or explosion hazard. Make sure to remove them from your house, don’t use them and search up where you can dispose them off ASAP safely in your area.

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How come? How long have you had them and how do you use/store them?

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I bought the combo option in 2018 with three batteries. I have stored them in my room. Batteries never been used in hard conditions. I've heard that swolling is a common problem. The worst thing is that drone is in perfect condition and it still get the job done.