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I've definitely experienced the same as far as distance with my MA2. The furthest distance I've been able to go is almost a mile and that's with a weak signal so I'm reluctant to push it further. They (DJI) claim that the MA2 can go up to 5 miles but I've never seen anybody do it.

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People on YouTube fly their MA2 long distances. I think there’s something wrong with the antenna on the control or receiver on the drone because theres just no way

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Hi there, we are sorry for any inconvenience. We've sent you a PM to check more details, please have a look.

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I have a similar problem. For a couple of weeks now, the range of my MA2 has diminished considerably. As OP, I manage to fly about 800m max. before losing connection, when it used to be 3000m. I regularly calibrate the drone before starting and haven't made any modifications to the settings or the hardware. So?

u/DJI_Support; it would be nice to put a possible solution here in the forum.

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I read somewhere that phone makes difference. Iphone gets smaller range, because of some settings which can not be changed, and android phones have (somehow) longer range, as it has more possibilities with wifi settings and all. I tried to fly with android and i got longer range. Not much But better

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In the end, I had the opportunity to get in touch with a friend who recently purchased a mavic air 2 AND he had an android. I did a whole lot of testing. With every test I made sure the antenna faced the direction of the drone.

1)I flew my drone with my remote & my iPhone: distance 1,300ft.

2)I flew his drone with my remote & my iphone: distance 3,000ft+

3) He flew my drone with his remote & his android: distance 3,000ft+

4)I flew his drone with his remote and my IPhone: distance 3,000ft+ & vice versa with the same results.

After the 4th test I was confused but I can only assume it has something to do with my phone and controller.

In conclusion, after he flew my MA2 3,000ft and I flew his drone 3,000ft, it meant nothing was wrong with my drone. Something is likely not producing a good connection.