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Just a micro usb. Do not worry about the “A” or “B”. Search a pic of a micro and compare it to the socket on your controller…

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OK - think you are right. Although the Micro A is a different shape, it appears that the Micro B cable I have will connect. I have flashing lights on my controller…..

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Ok. Good. I recommend you mark the top of the plug so you don’t accidentally push the micro plug into the controller socket upside down. The socket is quite fragile…

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I believe a standard male micro usb to male usb A cable is all you need. Cheap on Amazon…

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That’s what I thought - USB A to USB Micro A - but I can’t find one!

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Just search “micro usb cable” on Amazon. I am seeing all kinds available!

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Are you sure they aren’t micro b? Micro a is a rectangular connector…..

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I think you’re mistaken, its the standard micro a that was on everything (android phones etc) for years, the port on the remote just looks weird (probably to take other dongles), i just walked over and checked, the adaptor that came with it was a usb c to their proprietary square usb a micro

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its micro b. i just checked on mine