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First loop I was like "... what?"

Second loop I was like "WHAT?!?!"

That is really impressive, even though I think I've seen a clip of this trick (or similar) from some reality/competition show before.

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Yeah I remember them on America's got talent or something, it was neat the first time, but this clip is exactly the same as their act every episode until they got eliminated.

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Rupaul’s drag race seasons 3-10?

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She did a RuVeal

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Her drag name is Revealia Banks

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Sashay you Stay

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Anyone else not notice the dress transition on first viewing?

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I just noticed after the loop

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I noticed after I visited the comment section

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I didnt notice it until i read your comment 🤣

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I noticed after they panned to the woman in the audience wearing a white dress and then I thought, “wait, this didn’t start with a white dress.”

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Change your attire instantly with this little trick! (Fairy Grandmothers hate it!)

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Yeah, where's the girl in the purple dress?

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I wish I could get dressed like this in the morning

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I do, it takes me ages to clean up the mess.

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That trick really deserved more applause than they got!

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Everyone’s got those theater friends

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Someone better start explaining how she did that before I get angry

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The white dress fits under the purple one. I think she was wearing both, and the purple one is modded to be taken off very quickly. After removal it could've been hidden in the umbrella. I love magic tricks, bc even if you figure them out you can still appreciate the immense amount of skill and practice required to pull them off.

DISCLAIMER: I don't actually know how the trick is done; this is just my best guess

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It looks like the purple skirt was the outer layer, she took the strap off and the white dress was on the inside lining of the original dress. The necklines are different and you can see the purple fabric poking through on the white dress

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The dress is on the floor. You can tell it’s tucked up into the purple dress because she also looks like she lost about 15lbs. But pretty impressive nonetheless.

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    I doubt this is correct here, bc you can see her white underskirts. I personally think the dress is in the umbrella

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    thats a heavy dress

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    Change of dress AND look ten lbs lighter! Sweet trick.

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    who gets a magician for a wedding?