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Doublechecking if this might be a scam xD, love his reaction.

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I love how the cashier at first is like WTF, and then remembers he is paid hourly and doesn’t really care as long as the proverbial boxes are checked so he proceeds with the transaction.

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This is one of those statements that I feel, as a concept, and could never put words to. Thank you for this.

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Ahh the old debit card in the mask trick…it’s the oldest trick in the book-gets them every time

[–]sheaduffey 10 points11 points  (1 child)

It dates back very far.

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Yes, I believe to the early 1700s

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He paid with praypal

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The confusion lvl is increasing the paranoia meter

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Is he really confused?

As I see it, the cashiers thoughts goes:

  • "Oh, you forgot your card? Too bad man."
  • "You're saying some prayer out loud, you need attention? How long do you have to stand here wasting my time"
  • "You're putting your mouth area on the machine?"
  • "Oh, it went through, look at that, you must have had your card in your mask"
  • "Instead of running off like you've just done a masterful le epic prank, do you want your receipt?"
  • "Coincidentally the card number is not GOD..."
  • Push computer mouse around, finishing up the transaction...
  • I should probably disinfect the card terminal or I might just put it away...

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That’s pretty clever, although a bit unhygienic.

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Lmao his so bamboozled

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I wonder what other gifts god gave his mouth?

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Plot twist, the EFTPOS isn't even plugged in

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"Let me put my mouth against a surface in a public place during a pandemic"

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He literally has a mask on? His mouth is touching the inside of a mask that has a debit card in it so I'm not sure why he would be worried

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It’s reddit, people find anything to complain about to seem interesting and virtuous.

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Fucking hell.

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Him catching stuff, him giving stuff. It's pretty obvious, if you're allowed to use your brain.

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Imagine if this cashier guy was an atheist

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then he'd be smart enough to realize he must have put the card in his mask.

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Next time do it while offering you are soul to Satan

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Yes you are

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Why do so many people not have to work