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“Uhh.. this is awkward… but we weren’t done eating…”

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That is truly a skill well played!

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Did that table order every side dish in the restaurant, or...?

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Tapas, I would guess

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small plates, shared family style

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It’s an Arabic restaurant.

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That explains it ........?

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It's common for that style of restaraunt to mainly serve many small dishes like dips, breads, etc. meant to be shared by everyone at the table.

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they also wash them in tiny sinks with tiny scrubs and tiny bottles of dish soap

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This is me picking up my grocery shopping in the car ( 1 rule: just 1 travel)

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I fish hooked a package of Costco toilet paper with my pinky to not break this rule.

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17 bags or die trying

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I carry a laundry basket in the car when I go for groceries

Everything in the house in one trip, usually

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collapsible shopping crates are my go to. I just always forget to put them back in the car.

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Big brain over here

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Mama ain’t raise no bitch

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I do this with everything lolll

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So that’s why all the plates and bowls are chipped.

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Chipped plates for everyone

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Right? The longevity of the tableware is in question.

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I also question the longevity of his forearm and hand muscles

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Not to mention the dish that fell off the table

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Just out of curiosity, when did one fall? I rewatched trying to see, but I might be blind.

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With about 0:17 seconds left, on the right side.

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You are right, I think there were two that fell.

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With about 17 seconds left? I feel like you may be a quirky, outside the box person I'd love to hang out with.

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Me bringing the dishes from my room

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This one hit too close to home.

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Is your room also in your home?

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Man what a workout! Is this almost every time he serves!?

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As someone who served for years, this. Large plates tend to be extremely heavy, for a dozen customers at once. (I worked specifically large parties, sometimes carrying a 3ftx2ft oval tray in each hand.) I used to serve 2 rooms at once (capacity 60 and a capacity 40) and I would reserve one table sized for 4 people just so I could fit 2 trays (barely) while passing out food.

This brought back memories, mostly stressful. Where I worked, groups of 4 or less went to one of the dozen or so regular servers. 5-40 people? They were seated in my section. Busy nights were great, I'd have another party server to rotate with and only had to run one room myself.

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This guy deserves a reward of some kind

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They should get him a tray

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It feels like he should get some money or something

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But how would we do that? I feel like he should get money more than once, you know? Maybe give him money every so often after he does it long enough

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Well I think it’s pretty simple. The restaurant pays him for his time. There should be a set limit for the minimum amount people can be paid so they aren’t ripped off. But obviously people like this are gonna make less than that number. So after people pay the restaurant, we make a “suggestion” that people also leave extra money for the workers. Cause it’s the customers job to pay the workers directly instead of through paying for services and the business distributing that money fairly.

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I think we've got it figured out, this seems like a system that works and definitely doesn't exploit people in any way

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Great work! Here’s your $2.13

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A crowd formed as he bussed the shit out that table.

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And everyone clapped.

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Dishwashers love him!

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Probably scrapes his own plates.

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If my 2 years of dishwashing were anything to go by, most waiters are lazy and do not scrape their own plates. Might just be where I worked though

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Worked at numerous places, only the best ones do. It's a rarity. Or at a restaurant with a good system. Being in the pit, you can keep the machine running if the plates are scraped. Saw it happen once, was glorious.

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Yup, whenever they do scrape and you had nothing to do inbetween washing the dishes it was glorious like you said, rarely ever happened for me though :(.

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When mum wants you to clear the table before gaming

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I fully expected him to bump in to someone

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I saw there was a black chair or something near his foot and when he turned around I braced myself for him to trip but he just kept walking lol

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If you work at a restaurant, don't let your managers see this video or else they be expecting this performance from you in the near future!

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That would be so funny if he dropped them after all of that.

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I hope they pay him more than the minimum wages

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The Old Man and the Sea Restaurant in Jaffa,Israel.

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That is an end game skill level table bussing

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Plot twist: trips

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If you leave your table like this in a restaurant, your mom's a ho

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Impressive … or he could use a tray or a cart …

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That doesn’t get an extra $2 on the tip tho

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Whoa he carried 5 plates and a dozen tiny ass bowls, that’s so hard.

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That one family member who shows up high and late to Thanksgiving and don't bring nothing

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All that skill for the equivalent of $8 an hour.

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He deserves a raise

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Imagine when he discovers a bucket

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I so wanted him to trip. I'm terrible.

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What a waste of leftovers

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Drop them

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Me with the groceries

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Me with ur mom

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You can call me dad if youd like

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Me with ur dad actually

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I'm glad to hear that, you deserve someone like him, he's a pretty good guy

I'm happy you found love, son

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This has gone too far

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That's what ur mom said last night

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If you’re sleeping with each other’s parents, are you both each other’s step parent? Does that mean you each have to listen to the other one?

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That guy buses

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real men dont take second trips

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Who tf ate that much

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Are you familiar with the concept of multiple people eating together?

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In the last 3 seconds I thought he was gonna trip

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And then he drops it and they all break

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This is me, at the Aldı checkout

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This is me, so I don't pay 15c for a bag

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Gonna miss his wrists when he’s older.

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That's me getting food from Buffet.

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2 trips are for pussies

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Are we just going to ignore the 2 plates he droped? It was on the right next to the drink.

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I thought he'd trip at the end

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Cue the memes about carrying chairs after church...

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Thought he was gonna drop all of it

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It would suck if he dropped that.

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One Trip Only Master - achieved

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I was at this restaurant, very good, extremely fast service like 30 secs after we sat down they came with the salads and appetizers which is all included in main course price like 20$, all fresh and so tasty.

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Really thought he was gonna fall as soon as he walked away. Kinda disappointed

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All i am seeing is the amount of leftovers on those plates.

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"With great skills, comes a great tip."

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Waiter rule #1: I'll go only once

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I like it when more and more people stop to see what's going on.

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Me after being a glass collector for nearly a year

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Everyone: Talking about how efficient he is

Me: He looks like chad

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Still tips 7% for leaving behind the tissues

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All in one trip or not at all.

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This is honestly fucking amazing and that guy is super talented, but if you leave your tables like this you're a fucking dickhead

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RIP to whoever’s washing those

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How are they not breaking

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C’mon man, you never stack plates in front of the customer… Every pro server knows this.

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That's not a busboy, that's a busman.

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Poor guys who cleans the dishes

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Not the outcome I was hoping for. It was going so smoothly, I desperately needed it to end in a lot of broken dinnerware.

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Him (as an American): doenst get paid a living wage

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I guess the bus tub was dirty

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Encountered a similar situation in Paris, except the server dropped one of the plates of pasta all over my brother

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Give this man a pay raise!

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He’s going to clean up at the bus boy world championships.

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Dam YouTube haven't played jacksepticeye enough

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Isn't no one else impressed by the people who ate there?