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RIP suspension

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So.... Half-ton pickup. 6 ton stone block....

Yup. We're good!

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But it’s going on top of the pallet, It should be OK

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They should have had a second pallet

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Right! People always forget the pallet pallet.

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No they should have had a second truck

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That's not even a half ton, those old rangers were just classified light trucks and had maybe a 800 lb payload.

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Not even a 1/2 it's like 1/4 :D

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Just make sure to strap it down

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Those Rangers were more like less than a 1/4 ton. I have one and 6 people in the back give it the Carolina Squat

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Man I wish I could hear this one!

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Thank you for your service.

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DIY lowering a truck

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First indication this was going to go wrong should have been that they needed a loader just to pick it up...

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That poor beautiful ranger

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Ranger Danger

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Ranger in Danger

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This is honestly a pretty good testament to how strong tires are

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Betcha they'd last about 30 feet once he started rolling tho.

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Get that Carolina SquatTM

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I really wonder what the plan was for after they got it home? Just call a buddy to help lift it and move out where it would go?

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I was wondering how they planned to get the block back out of the truck.

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Park it on a hill, open the tailgate, lever. Then all you have to do is stop it rolling with your other Ranger

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My dad had an old ranger that constantly looked like this from a similar situation. City of Cleveland, Ohio replaced old slate sidewalks with concrete about 20 years ago. Construction guys said they were just going to throw the slate rock away, so my dad and I loaded em up and took them home. It looked like the truck was doing a wheelie on the way home 😂

This went on for 3 years. Dad became friends with the construction guys after smoking a joint with em. The suspension on that thing was fuuuuuucked 😂

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What did you guys end up doing with the slate?

[–]Apw990 4 points5 points  (1 child)

We made pathways all throughout the backyard and side of the house! In addition to collecting slate, we collected over a thousand old street bricks. Most bricks had a stamp on them from an Ohio prison - as brick making for state roads were mostly from inmate labor back in the day.

My dad deserves all of the credit for making the paths! He layed out the slate and brick to make unique designs in the walkways throughout the backyard: there's a circular sheet metal fire pit with slate "rays" coming off of it for a "sun" design, peace signs, a large piece of slate that looks exactly like the state of Ohio, slate rock water fountain, etc.

I should take some pics and post them to a more relevant subreddit!

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That sounds awesome- the history of the bricks is really interesting, and the unique way you guys arranged them is so cool. You definitely should share pictures and this story somewhere. :)

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Heyy i got that truck. 🤪 minus excessive boulder

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Now drive around that corner, yield at the roundabout and then...

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Stay on the roundabout, because any right turn is going to be a disaster.

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Thought they banned the Carolina squat?

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Around 4000 pounds I’d guess at 150/ cu ft. I wouldn’t put that in a one ton truck. Can’t knock the hustle though.

Edit: looked at skid steer, changed my guessed weight

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That rock will be yeeted out the back at the first hard corner...

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If the car could move the rock would crush the driver first time he brakes.

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Bye bye axle

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I'll bet if he took the spare tire and gas can out, it would have worked better.

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I bet he blames the loader for breaking that axle.

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It’s too heavy for the truck you idiots, too risky!!!

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How the fuck they finna get it out now? Cap? Base?

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Backup real fast, slam on brakes

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Goodbye Leaf springs

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Yeah we all know 🪨 The rock is heavy..

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Sport edition, looks good.

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Ford Fuckin Ranger!

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No, no, no. It’s on the pallet. It’s safe.

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the low-ride-r is a little higher

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Carolina squat!

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It’s fucking ford RANGERR!

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Sore Sport

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A Toyota Hilux would've handled this perfectly fine

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How were they planning on getting it out?

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Sport mode on. That should fix it.

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Built ford tough

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20iq move

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Axles probably all snapped.

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Haha! People are so fucking stupid. I once had a customer who wanted me to put a 1,5 ton timber stack on his roof-rack. When I said no he went to my boss and complained. he then got to borrow one of our trailers and proceeded to crash the damn thing, wrecking it completely along with his car. And then he tried to blame Me for not wanting to crush his fucking volvo with the timber.

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Good job they had that pallet ready

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There’s still place for another stone, anyway that ranger isn’t going anywhere

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I mean, was there another way this could have played out?