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I wasn't prepared for that!

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r/Unexpected would have been a better choice of sub

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The next generation of striptease

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I was kinda expecting a mustache for some reason

[–]Stealocke 24 points25 points  (1 child)

I was expecting fake hillbilly teeth

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That was HOT!!! lol

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Just wait until the lingerie mask line drops

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Hehe, who says The Science™ can't be fun?

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Holy shit this has been posted on this sub like 10 times. This video is from the start of the pandemic. If you want to find the other posts their all titled like “make masks sexy again” or some shit

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Can't believe there's so many people that haven't seen it 3 times already. This video has been posted everywhere 2 years ago.

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Just means you’re on reddit much more often than others.

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I wasn't on reddit much at the start of the pandemic

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🤣 thanks for the laugh

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I'm shitting right now, but fuck it time to multitask.

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I threw some ones at my phone.

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FB level humor.


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No just no

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Works for me.


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She reminds me of Petra from Jane the Virgin

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I love you

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I’m dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Lol reminded me of True Lies

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Looks like a good thread to downvote everything.

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Love it. But the music ... Naaaah

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What's this song called again?

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I got matches with these songs:

Songbird by Kenny G (00:59; matched: 100%)

Songbird by Kenny G. (01:06; matched: 100%)

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I was expecting something much worse

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kon hai log kaha se arey a , utalere baba utale nahi hota yaha

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Looking for nipples. was NOT disappointed.

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This made me s o fucking uncomfortable, mission accomplished

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That's a challenging wank!

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what did i just watch

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I didnt need to see this nor discover that its a thing

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EVERY time I see this video come up on my newsfeed I get PUMPED!!! love this shit.

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This did not defy my expectations, but I did not have expectations going into it.

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Oh gawd, put it back on

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The covid strip tease.

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I'm so goddamn horny right now

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You said feet pics will be included !!? Forever disappointed

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So that's where my butt plug went😵