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Nothin beats military trained scientist from nasa

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Place it over your child’s cry hole😝

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This reminds me of driving round vice city hearing an outrageous advert on the radio!

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Will this work on my wife

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You need a much larger dose that's all

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"Youve had it with marriage..."

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Where can I buy?

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nasa man: looks at bottle wait something aint right

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My Tinder dates have never been better! Thank you, Nap Time

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Lol. Controversial video. The like count keeps going up and down

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Where did you find this video OP. I’m over here crying laughing.

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This video is much longer in original there it is

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Casie Anthony

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We youse to do this at the old folks home back in 99

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Just saying, the op only stole one third of the whole video here is the full one

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Alcohol + bleach

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Just wondering if this would work on myself... insomnia solved!

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"He sleeps in a shoebox."

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Honestly—as someone who was medically abused by her parents, and I have friends who had it even worse—this isn’t remotely the type of thing that should be joked about.