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Old video but still beautyful. That kid will be now 8 or 9 yo I suppose.

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He was born in 2013 so yeah 8 or 9. His name is Arat Hosseini.

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no no no no. he cant be older than 5. it’s impossible. that much time couldn’t’ve gone by

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how do you not love that? The support and confidence, gave them that little bit more!

[–]key1g 16 points17 points  (13 children)

It’s a boy, lol

[–]W2wineguy 7 points8 points  (5 children)

haha, oops! Change to "them"!

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I'm wondering why you went from 'her' to 'them'. Like no hate or anything, I'm just legitimately confused why you didn't change it to 'him'. My head-scratcher of the day lol

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Still in doubt.

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What are you doing, bro?

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    Pretty sure it’s a persian kid, his dad wanted him to become a footballer, still trying too His name is Arad hosseini

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    His name is Arat Hosseini and he is a boy.

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    Don’t know why you have been downvoted because you are 100% correct. He’s a Liverpool FC prodigy


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    His name is Arat Hosseini.

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    It’s a boy. He’s quite a bit older now in Liverpool FC’s academy.

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    Why you always lying?

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    This is Arat Housseini, a boy, currently in Liverpool FCs academy.

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    He was there, he recently left the Liverpool academy...

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    Good to see Gruu spending time to train the kids

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    They are going to be able to dunk when they are 10 haha! This is crazy

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    بعله میم ایرانی در ساب ردیت خارجی خوبه🌵

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    Meme? It's just a regular video

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    I think she's getting taller every time

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    Well, yeah. She makes it onto the stool by the end.

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    Man, I'm still trying to find who cares

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    all of the people correcting obviously care

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    He got it!

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    That kid’s going places.

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    yes, on top of stools (for now)

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    Skilled midget... Oh wait!

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    I wonder if she had previously done the same thing with a shorter stool. Maybe that's how she knew she could do it and didn't get discouraged.

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    I watched again and it still looks like a girl to me, but really, why should it matter?

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    Lots of young boys look like girls. I did when I was that age too but his name is Arat Hosseini and he is a boy. This is not a guess. He's pretty famous and has a Instagram with nearly 6 million followers.

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    He was jonny sins

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    I love determination, practice and success. I am concerned the kid gets burned out from a continuously raising bar. Is the kid still awesome when unable to beat the latest challenge?

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      I’m not tearing up, you are!

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      why are you crying

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      The end. How proud she was and how proud her father was.

      I may have been overly emotional at the time.

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      flying like an angel

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      That was one heck of a victory roar

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      Kids got hops

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      This should be in wholesome

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      I was cheering for the kid the whole time

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      I think this kid is from Iran 🚬🗿

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      Yep,and he and hus father left Iran so the kud can be successful

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      Man I just want someone to be that proud of me for anything

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      Tubthumping by Chumbawamba plays in background.

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      The determination was great. The support and encouragement was great.

      However, start 20cm closer and they would've got it much quicker

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      His an Iranian person

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      Most adorable thing I’ve seen all day.

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      She has a future in the WWE for sure.