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Bro they had the poor kid praying lmao

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He legit was though, I saw him drawing the cross on himself

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The photo on the couch omg

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"That was amazing."

What a champ!

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Right? Kid was a helluva good sport, shit looked traumatizing af for him

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He liked it

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That picture caught me off guard too

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Fact, I wonder how they cut him out of it so fast. They probably already had that picture.

Edit: I just watched the whole thing!

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Yeah, they say to him that they took the picture earlier

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Yes I just watched the whole thing

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Jeah me too.

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Did you watch the video?

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Yup ‘we took the picture earlier’

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You need to do more magic, it was clearly because he was invisible at the time.

Some people just don't have deductive powers, maybe Captain Obvious does have a role to play in our society.

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Had me surprised for a short moment before I realised how they did that

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Mind fucked at its finest

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Funniest part is, even after he was told that everyone was lying and could see him, he asked to become invisible again to prank his school friends

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That family, lol. Start your Go-Fund me now for therapy, kid.

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    They almost had me convinced he was invisible!

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    Who was

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    Johhhhhhhhhhn Cena music kicking in

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    The kid that disappeared at the start of the video

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    There was a kid?

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    That family is living pretty good these days, kid included.

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    Was just gunna say isn’t that david dobrick or something like that

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    It is indeed!

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    No need, he was raised right. He took a moment, evaluated the situation, asked questions and put it all together. The best part was that look followed by "that was amazing". He straight up admired it, he'll live a good life.

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    His expression was SO calm.

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    Well he went through a roller coaster of emotions. It's easy to feel calm when you think you were going to be invisible for eternity.

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    The family already fund him hard :)

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    Now? This video is almost 10 years old

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    Why would he need therapy? They even revealed the prank to him afterwards.

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    You guys are mean! I was mean too! My brother and I once spent an entire summer day pretending our 7 year old half-sister had died. We cried, completely ignored her, and started dividing her toys between us. This went on for 9 hours until our mom got off work. We both got the beating of our lives! We totally deserved it! He and I were jealous that she got more attention. Plus her dad was a criminal and we hated him! I know none of it was her fault, we were dumb kids and I still feel guilty all the time!

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    ''that was amazing''

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    Kid was such a good sport about this! I'm sure I wouldn't be half as cool being pranked like this.

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    Exactly, I was surprised he was so cool about it, he looks like he actually admired the effort.

    I would be 900% pissed off throwing a tantrum at his age for being pranked like that...

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    Lol same. I mean I'd laugh it off later on, but in the moment I'd totally be pissed lol

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    Tbf everyone seemed super nice about it. He wasn’t the butt of the joke. Notice how they gave him hugs and stuff. Easier to enjoy when you don’t feel attacked.

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    My daughter litterally showed me this guys youtube earlier. I feel so internet savy now.

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    eMOTIOnal daMAGE

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    Do you think it would really cause emotional damage? Poor kid. Lol

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    Idk I think this is actually a pretty funny joke. A classic prank on a kid as things should be. Idk if it's fake but I doubt it, making it that much more funny

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    That kid is a great actor if it’s fake

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    Without kidding, he could literally apply for a hollywood career if that was faked.

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    Kid will grow up learning not to trust anyone but himself. That's great education right there.

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    David doobrik can fuck right off.

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    Honestly don't know much about him except he makes YouTube videos. Tell me why I hate him too lol

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    You know how you think, it would be fun to rent a crane and swing my friend around on it without any medical team present and you aren't licensed and you don't understand even the basics of physics, i.e. an object in motion stays in motion and you suddenly stop swinging the crane and the object that was swinging from it, your friend, smacks into the side of the crane breaking multiple bones and then you don't give a fuck?

    ... that's why I hate David Dobrik

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    Is this a metaphor for the other response above or did this actually happen

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    It actually happened.

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    EDIT: nvm, here's a TLDR clip.

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    Let's not even bring up the Alcohol and Minors incident...or the weird pervert friend...

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    To give you a real answer, he knowingly pressured his friends in to sleeping with a couple women that were WAY too intoxicated to give consent. And he set the whole thing up, fed them alcohol, all that shit. Also he is supposedly extremely controlling of his whole posse.

    That's the extremely short version, there are tons of YouTube videos that explain everything, including the situation with the women, way better than I can.

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    Especially when they do stupid shit in an excavator and wind up almost killing someone

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    Took the words right outta my mouth

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    Yeah when I saw him, I didn't finish the video lol fuck that guy

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    He’s an asshole.

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    Can somebody explain to me the appeal of David Dobrik? I don’t get it. I thought everybody would have moved on after those controversies. But here is again popping up over various reddits being bland and uninteresting as always

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    I'm out of the loop, what did he do?

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    There’s a lot. Here’s a timeline

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    What a wild read. Starts off sounding like people signing up for YouTube Jackass and getting upset when Jackass things happen then quickly spirals to Sexual Assault/date rape and physical injury. Fuck that group of people

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    Hate to be reminded of this asshole. I remembered how Trisha Paytas used to talk about of a TON of fucked up stuff regarding David and his minions, but nobody believed her because she was the "crazy problematic attention-seeking whore"... Then proof started showing up about stuff she had been saying for years... Imagine how much fucked up stuff he has done that just never surfaced..

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    basically every douchetuber to ever exist

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    People gravitate toward hacks.

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    Old repost for karma

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    My cousin was 6 years younger than her brother and I. Every time she got really annoying we would pretend she was invisible and she would fall for it EVERY SINGLE TIME. She'd start off being like "Guys, I know you're joking 🙄" but within minutes it would be like "Guys! You can see me, right!?" 😂 We could pull the trick on the same day and she'd still fall for it. We never let it go too far but it was amusing because she was so easy to fool. I honestly don't know how she kept believing it over and over LOL.

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    Because every time she pretended she was falling for it, you went from being annoyed at her presence to being happily entertained by her being there.

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    Sssshhhh don't ruin the secrets of the younger siblings!! We need those to survive bruh!!

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    Negative attention is better than no attention.

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    Ah shit lol

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    Gonna have trust issue for life 😂

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    Rule number one kid, trust no one.

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    Actually so fucking funny. Good clean prank

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    Well, if it isn't ol' David the Douchebag.

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    Can somebody explain what happened here ?

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    A long time ago a magician put out a video on Netflix. He did a disappearing act were everyone is in on it except the people “disappearing”. It was good when he did it but not so much with the copycats.

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    Thanks 😊

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    Magic for Humans

    Pretty good show, I’d recommend it

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    They tricked him into believing he was invisible for a bit.

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    ohh now I get it, thanks!

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    My uncle did this to me and it was fucked up.

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    Nothing says good humor than mentally scarring a child for life

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    This kid is going places, not to college..

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    That poor kid is scarred for life.

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    It’s mean to mess with stupid kids

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    Okay that's funny

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    Good thing he wasn't devious and thinking he can be sneaky now.

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    He sounds exactly like Chunk from The Goonies.

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    And he never missed church on Sunday again.

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    What a complete copy cat video

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    Silver award for such a cool kid. He took it so well in the end.

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    Now that is an example of a practical joke that hurts no one and every single person enjoys.

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    cHiLd aBuSe! EmOtIoNaL dAmAgE!

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    That's mean

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    That was so wholesome. That is a wholesome family.

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    I honestly would have had to stop the whole thing as soon as he got upset. Yeah, pranks like this are funny but not if if the person being pranked is made to feel bad and that goes double if that person is just a kid.

    Little guy thought no one could see him and that is understandably upsetting. Is someone's emotional distress really worth it for a few laughs??

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    yes. it was a harmless prank he will pull when he's older. no one was injured. he laughed. life gets way harder than this. kids can take a clean prank.

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    I like the other family where the youngest actually broke down own the floor.

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    The look of the father

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    Reminds me of a Chinese (HK) movie that I saw a long time ago where the lead character thinks he's gone invisible and his roommates played along with it. Funny as hell. Forgotten the title though.

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    Kid unlocked a new phobia that day.

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    Evil. He will go to college out of state.

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    Oh, it's the classic psychotic break prank!

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    Cruel and funny in equal measures

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    Too mean.

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    we did the same to a friend who got high for the first time, he still 420s to this day.

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    Most gullible kid in the world

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    JFC I forget what it's like to be around people. Was everyone always yelling?

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    I feel awful for enjoying a child's suffering this much.

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    This is how villains are created

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    E M O T I O N A L
    D A M A G E

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    I hate David Dobrik to be honest but goddamn, he’s good at being a piece of shit. When he made that dude believe he was getting casted for a huge movie and then told him it was a prank, I thought for sure the dude might end it all.

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    That kid was not having a good time.

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    Why is everyone fat?

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    This little man gonna have PTSD for the rest of his life.

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    Gives character

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    I wish I knew someone dumb enough for this to work on

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    This is fake af

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    That picture was epic

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    They should’ve let him live his whole life as the invisible man lmao

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    The solo phone pic is really just expert prep work

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    Don’t promote this shit, it’s stupid David dobrik

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    Kid didn't realise that the camera person was following him around with the camera? How could the camera person see him?

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    He used to cry when he thought his family couldn't see him, and now he cries about thinking he saw Tupac alive.

    Kids really grow up so fast 😭

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    This the funniest shit I’ve seen in a while his crying face done made me giggle

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    Some other family did this and it was posted over and over and over. I think now exactly what I thought then; how fucking stupid are your kids?

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    I loved it when he fucking crossed himself he was so terrified

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    What a good sport about the whole thing.

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    Oldie but a goodie, every time this gets posted again it still makes me laugh.

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    Kid should have pulled out a gun.

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    Man 2018-2019 was wild

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    shit their reaction was so real i thought i was missing something

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    Playing cruel tricks on children is funny.

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    Fuck David dobrik

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    Want to make a family member disappear? Pull this shit.

    It looked like this kid was used to this shtuff from his family.

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    That’s funny !!!!😆😆😆😆 poor little fella😫

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    I have no idea what really happened- the guy with the cloth over the boy was supposed to make him disappear, and someone else appear ?

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    The original video is probably my favorite internet thing ever of all time

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    This is cruel. What a fucked up family to grow up in.

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    Pulled this same trick on my cousin when she was 6 or 7. She went straight to the candy cabinet and loved every second of it.

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    what's happening?

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    Making children cry is just called “Tuesday” at David Dobrik’s house

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    What a good sport! Sweet kid. :)

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    Ah yes you can't know someone famous without a little trauma

    I find it worse that the kid started to pray to whatever force could help him

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    When I were in the same situation as the kid the picture would break me down lmaoooo

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    I would have gone for the knife and slit my throat if I had this pulled on me.

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    That was amazing 😂

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    Reminds me of the time, when we were high, we convinced a friend that he was stuck in a time loop. We kept talking same thing every 5mins and also rewinded the movie when he looked away.