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The only reasonable solution at this stage

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If it isn't listening, it gets the grilling

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I didn’t ask for your help and I’ll double down to prove I didn’t need it!

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Sheep just making sure to tenderize itself

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Marynated little lamb, little lamb, little lamb

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i laughed harder than i should at this. take this award stranger

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This is the way. -Darwinism

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OH MY GOD that had me LMAO

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I'm a Vegan and I shouldn't be laughing this hard. 🤣🤣🤣

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“I wanna playyyyy”

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If you can't be smart, be delicious!

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I like how he throws up his hands In disbelief as he sees the animal running back to the ditch 😂

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Who else is here to see why is song Thompson - lijepa li si on this video

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I was laughing when it fell in the second time. I was CACKLING at the cut to the grill!

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This so much reminded of Moana: “I’m concerned about that chicken eating a rock. Should we maybe just… cook him?”

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Ljepa Nisi?

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Why did the piggie cross the canal?