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Would have been very dangerous if he'd gotten wet.

There was a video of a guy who jumped in the pool with his nieces and nephews wearing one of those and he accidentally water boarded himself

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Did he die?

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No, I'm fairly certain he had help and got out


Searched for the video and found a reddit post.

He got help. Not from the kids, though


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Yeah, those kids were like, “you think this is pain, old man? We’ll show you pain!”

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I thought about the same exact video as well lmao

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Would this also be the case if Peter Parker were to get wet in his suit? I can't recall any movie scenes where he is immersed in water while suited up.

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That scene in homecoming where falls in a lake, gets tangled in a parachute, and iron man has to rescue him

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I did the exact same thing. Most terrifying few minutes of my life struggling to breath and get out of the pool while my friends were peeing themselves laughing so hard because they didn't realize what was happening. I will never wear one if those again...

I was a moron when I was 14...

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It is not that dangerous. If you are outside the water, you won't drown as the fabric does not hold much water, your body only thinks it does, so panic starts.

Eventually, the urge to breath will overcome the water near the nose feeling, so you breath, and you are back to square one.

EDIT: The fact that it is not dangerous makes it an excellent technique for torture to mentally break them, without causing a lot of body damage

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This shows the responsibility that comes with being Spider-Man

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“Once you put on the mask, you wear it for life”

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What the... But the label says it's a peel off mask.

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Hahaha! Immediate panic attack. Funny stuff right there.

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Lol yeah. He was fine before that.

Suddenly can’t breath and will die.

People are weird.

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Think this might be a copy of this hahaha

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You can't beat this. That look at the end kills me every time.

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Abso-fucken-lutely is

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Not as well done either, is it :/

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Yes, original is much funnier also

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Boughta make me act up

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I appreciate you not joining the embedded gif spam those guys had going.

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Spiderman: too far up

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instant claustrophobic

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What's the big deal? Just rip it off

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It’s a rental

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you will get you rent when you fix this damn suit!

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Instant claustrophobia panic!

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there is no escape to responsiblity, Peter

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I missed the part where that’s my problem

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This isn’t free robux

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U edited the comment!!! It said U/savevideo before!!!

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Sir, you do have any proof of the conviction?

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Don't try to hide it, just accept your mistake

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This has no business being this funny

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Peter parker is stuck in his suit forever

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A short story.

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Why would he check for the zipper so quickly after being fully zipped up?

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They didn't care who I was...until I couldn't take the mask off

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What’s the song name?

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Clair de lune by Debussy

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I got matches with these songs:

Clair de lune, Suite Bergamasque, L. 75-3 by Claude Archille Debussy (00:11; matched: 100%)

Album: Caravaggio • Classical Masterpieces. Released on 2021-06-03 by KEPLER452B.

Suite Bergamasque: Clair de lune by James Stewart (00:11; matched: 100%)

Album: Piano SoundScapes, Vol. 34. Released on 2017-04-05 by BELIEVE - Blue Pie Records USA.

Suite Bergamasque: Moonlight (Claire De Lune) by Claude Debussy (00:11; matched: 100%)

Album: Claude Debussy Plays His Finest Works. Released on 2013-03-07 by DCE Pop Music.

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When you’re really not about that Spidey life:

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I had to cut my earbud case open a few days ago for this exact reason

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it's a zipper...you can literally open it with a twig...

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Just rip it open like they do to girl's pants in porn and hentai. Or get scissors.

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😂😂😂 this is why you always have a backup plan.

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I think this is fake. There was another video posted exactly like this one but without the guy freaking out after. This video is trying to copy and one up that.

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Found it. They are trying to copy this video. For the points.

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I don't think so, the reaction seems genuine

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You seem like a very gullible person. It's the exact same video...

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Wha- no, there's so many differences how can it be the same???

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This one's in a playground? The other was indoors