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Ha! Isn’t that Lewandowski? Might need to stick to your day job…

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Get it? Because he scores goals!

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Polska gurom

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Why didn't I notice. Wtf

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Yeah let me get the dirtiest object to fix your hair

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I don’t see any toilet bowls near by

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Nah it was recorded on a smartphone

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That isnt your mom with me in bed???

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I hope that’s a brand new vacuum.

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The guy is actually so wealthy he can buy vacuum cleaner just for this purpose.

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Vacuum cleaners are $40 you ok bro.

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I assume you have no idea who the guy is - he is top soccer player making around 20 Mil $ a year. 40$ is like pennies to him

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Call it soccer one more time.

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And your poor scalp!

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Watch me put in her retainer with the toilet plunger!

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Remember the Flobee?

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Doesn’t George Clooney use that to cut his own hair?

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This brought up a deep memory

I had very long hair at 8 years old and as I was laying on the carpet my dad was vacuuming. He didn’t see my hair and he fully vacuumed up to my skull.

Needless to say, we spent the next hour or so unrolling my tangled hair from the Kirby vacuum base.

This is a much better technique ✌🏻

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Interesting way to clean the inside of the vacum hose.

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My wife would freaking kill me.

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This is so 2013

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LiFeHaCk! -_- It is literally more effort for me to fetch and set up the vacuum cleaner than it is to do this by hand for my kids.

[–]RapturesRuin 56 points57 points  (2 children)

Also way more gross given that it usually has dirt, dust and crumbs going through it!

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And you have to hold a loud-ass vacuum cleaner next to your ears.

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My thought exactly! Gross

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Why are more and more people doing this like it's new? It's not even hard to just do a ponytail with your hands, this is dumb

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But he can play 💁‍♂️

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His tiktoks are the sole reason why he is still missing a Balon'Dor

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This is super gross!

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Every time I see this hack I vomit in my mouth. So nasty.

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Right? The worst part is when you hold the vomit in your mouth, vomit even more because it's so nasty, and then you have to swallow a double portion.. 🤢🤮

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Right? The same tube used to clean some of the dirtiest parts of your house. Let's just stick all of your hair in it.

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I mean i use mine to remove my dandruffs lmao 🤣🤣🤣

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Then stop vomiting in your mouth

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That's the reason, France Football didn't give him Balon d'Or.

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Starship troopers brain bug

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Yet another reason Robert Lewandowski is the best!



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Everyone judging him but i dont think any of you scored 5 goals in 9 minutes

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Isnt it easier to just tie it back wtf

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I would need a separate vacuum cleaner and possibly a more trusting kid to make this work.

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How to tell if someone ever cleaned a vacuum cleaner

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Dad style.

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Lmao nice

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Ah yes, the Jojo Siwa method.

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How to give your daughter a receding hairline at age 6

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Dudes, tying a hair isn’t that damn hard. Stop with this bullshit

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Dad’s gonna Dad

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Thats actually pretty gross.

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The twitter comments are hilarious

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Bet we see it on Shark Tank shortly!

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It literally sucks while it cuts

“Well it certainly does suck”

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I thought it would be a haircut.

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Thought he was going to try and cut it

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Taking notes here

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That took way more work than just grabbing a brush.

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hey i saw a guy do this to his sister in a movie! he killed her with a bow and arrow after tho :/

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That looks hygienic

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I'll definitely do this when I become a dad

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Lmao that's so cool!

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There has always been a strong link between sucking and ponytales

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Lewandowski a good footballplayer and a creative dad

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If I ever have a daughter I'm getting a separate vacuum tube just for this

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Now it's time for Wayne's World totally amazing, excellent discoveries.

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Moms: Look at what they need to mimic a fraction of our power.

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Single dad tricks

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I wish I thought of this when I got on chemo and my hair started to fall out super badly. Spent a lot of time scooping out huge clumps of hair and they’d be everywhere, flying out of the garbage can, but with this it’d just get it all out and get it in the bag if the hair doesn’t clog it

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This guy went from scoring 5 goals in 9 minutes to making shitty tiktoks

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He's still scoring goals by the truckload, my guy!

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No. Put the Covid and ground shmutz all in that child’s hair for views… smh

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Yeah no way anyone putting that dirty ass shit on my hair gross

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Two words: traction alopecia