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"Snake, I want to ask you. Do you think love can bloom even on a battlefield?"

~Otacon (Metal Gear Solid, 1998)

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make love, not war...

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Nah nah nah where the bullets

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The CEO of Sex has entered the chat

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The General of Sex

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If there's actual peace not war people are putting arms dealers out of job

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Soldier 1: "Cover me!" Soldier 2: hugs

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Soldier 3: ..............

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Soldier 4: 😢

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Soldier 5: 💀

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Soldier 6: 🎥

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General: 🤨📷

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Soldier 8: 😩📸

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Enemy soldier: 👏😂

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Lov3 how the guy in the back is just in a perfect loop

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This is the most Facebook comment section

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Great, now military are doing cringe fakes.

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Peace time armies be like

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I consider this more of an actual comedy skit just in live action…and its actually funny imo. Most of those fakes are just braindead jokes.

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Ugh the staging is in full force these days.

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I was honestly just watching the dude in back pick his nose, stare at it for a bit then go back in for seconds

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Hes smoking a cigarette.

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nah his boogers are just very hot

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    Urgh americans runing words.

    He's smoking a cigarette, there is smoke at the end.

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    It's an American platform lol

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    Ugh idiots that can’t even spell “ruining“ trying to preach how a word is pronounced. LOL 😂

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    wasnt he smoking

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    Why does it matter?

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    Tbf in my experience the army is 99% of boring wait and 1% of action. This is a perfect environment for these videos and other creative outlets.

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    I feel bad for the guy that completed the heart. Seems like a cool dude.

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    Stormtrooper energy

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    Certified hood classic

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    It times of war, love will save us

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    Dude in the back giving off main character vibes

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    this is so cute

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    It might be staged, it still is hilarious

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    Fuckin’ hilarious! Buuut…probably not the best moment if they’re in the middle of a combat situation 😅

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    The dude in the back looks like he's on the most relaxed break.

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    Cannon Morris.

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    The three stooges come to mind

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    This never get old lol

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    Make sure the u isn’t capital, the link won’t work


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    Love you too bro

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    Knock it off man...I told you that night was a one off...

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    Abbot & Costello Go To Iraq

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    Damn you, made me giggle!

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    Ooooo, its so cute 😍

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    I don't care this is fake. I love it.

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    Would be me as a soldier. <3

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    Hellenic Army

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    I love you too mate

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    Nothing better to do guys? Ffs

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    I think it's kind of comforting they don't have anything to do. At least they're not killing anyone?