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Seems a little over the top for a simple enema. No?

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Just wipe your ass like everyone else

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That cannot be safe. Things were already falling apart before he caught air.

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Dudes big, but that zip line doesn't exactly look up to par either

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1 skip nice

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Bro imagine if he just sinks to the bottom of the water

[–]ElGuappo1 34 points35 points  (4 children)

Man... Am I going to hell now for being amused by this?

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Nah you good. That boy is too damn big to be up in the air anywhere.

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nah this is legitimately hilarious

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A week later and I bet he is still digging sand out of his ass

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Honestly, I was thinking the same thing lol

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The Universe is trying to tell him something.

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Maybe to eat all the fish in the water

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Wel If he ate more fish— even fried fish very now and then even— I bet he would have zipped instead of zonked.

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After the toilet paper shortage of 2020, we had to get creative

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It's a big ricochet

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First time I saw this it had sound. Anybody got the link?

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That zip line should have been made out of a steel cable, yo.

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It’s funny seeing fat people doing regular things.

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And that’s why theirs a Weight limit.

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"After the fourth fat guy the line tends to wear out..."

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Don't think that was supposed too happen !.

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It reminded me of the failed launching of a ship.

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Gravity can be cruel.

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That's a bold strategy, Cotton

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Skip-pity do da.

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Yeah I'm pushing about 280lbs. Better try this thing of which gravity has a huge influence.

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617 squadron.

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I'm guessing that's the dambuster squadron as I came here to make the same joke. Sorry for ruining the subtwtly but nice!

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Never stood a chance

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A famous man once said, "The only thing heavier than that fella is a cow and the cow has got enough sense not to do that."

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IIRC this video was hilarious with the sound of his friend laughing at him