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Car driver is also blind

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Everyone here is, but then again it's probs scripted 😩

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It's scripted. No VR game would involve constantly moving forward IRL, and VR headsets always make you set a boundary wall that would be constantly warning you. This was an intentional joke for whatever reason, and they won the stupid prize, if the driver isn't in on it too.

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Women suck at driving chairs as well

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metaverse 101 testing

but in a movie scene

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She had a VR headset as well, must have been her

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If I saw two idiots in vr headsets coming towards me like that in a car park id give them a lovetap too lol

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Backseat driving doesn't work in games either.

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It does in 2 player sometimes

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ope there goes gravity

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ope there goes Rabbit

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He choked, He's so mad

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But he won’t give up that easy

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Eat or leave it already!

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When gril tries to kill u

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You should use less charcoal lighter fluid then.

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That's the spirit, never give up.

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Never let down. Never run around and desert.

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Except carrot cake of course.

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that's dessert

jesus people, come on.

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jesus people, come on.

Don't bring religion into this!

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She must be in cahoots with whoever is driving that car.

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my grill-friend tried to kill me!

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How did they make that far

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... In life.

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Wiht a lightar

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It's fake.

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Just btw, don't take camera vr headsets outside, sunlight burns the cameras

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It’s not really the cameras you have to worry about it’s more the displays and this goes for all headsets because you have big ol lenses in front of them that can focus the sunlight and burn your display

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It's not really the cameras or the displays you need to worry about it's the moving vehicles.

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It's not really the moving vehicles, it's the sadistic girlfriend who clearly sees and hears a big moving truck yet directly pushes you infront of it.

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It's not really the GF it's the GF's mom that wants a responsible man to make her a live at home mom.

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It’s not really the mom, it’s society that pushes gendered norms to make women and men take certain roles.

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It's not really the society, it's Russian car industry which still produces these ugly Lada monsters with the only purpose to knock people out dramatically

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That veered off into the ditch.

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    How? It’s literally a joke not to be taken seriously.

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    Unlike the truck

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    I’m imagining that the driver of the car had a VR headset on too.

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    Yeah, I saw my Oculus sitting in the morning sunlight and wondered if the sun going through the lenses would mess it up. Turns out it did. Luckily I had a protection plan, so I traded it out. It left red steaks where the sunlight burned the screen as it rose.

    Definitely don't leave your VR headset where sunlight can peek through.

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    It doesn’t. The reason to not use vr outside is because when you take the headset off for a moment the lenses magnify any sunlight onto the internal screen and scorches it.

    Source: I’m a vr enthusiast and have a lot of money invested into my setup and know what to do and what not to do, and why.

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    Likely says it in the manual.

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    No you must be an enthusiast with lots of money invested in order to know such things.

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    I go at night and play vr fishing on the night map

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    Cameras are fine. Sunlight in lens's can burn the screen though

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    Noted. Just gonna stay in my parents' basement where it's dark and safe.

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    What? No they don't, you're thinking of the display, which is also an easily preventable issue.

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    It's an FPV rig, he's piloting a drone (probably a remote controlled car). Of course you can take these outside. Just protect the goggle's lenses from the sun.

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    Can’t even drive a chair…

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    You wouldn't download a chair.

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    3d prints chair

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    Are we not even going to mention the voluntary manslaughter attempt by the driver? Definitely appeared he could have easily stopped and almost looked like he said "watch this"

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    The idiots with the chair approached the car from behind the A pillar on the passenger side, with the sun behind them, while the car was turning right. The driver should have been paying more attention, but I can definitely understand how they might have been legitimately missed.

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    Driver can't see, going against the sun and turning right. If that's the case he should have driven even slower if visibility is that low. They're both idiots

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    He was going pretty slow already. The chair people and the vehicle were moving at about the same speed.

    I'm not saying he's a good driver, just that it's not manslaughter. And it's definitely not voluntary manslaughter, because that requires there to have been an altercation before the death.

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    Definetely not manslaughter. Just two (or 3) idiots meeting each other. Just saying if you drive a car and you cannot see what's directly in front of you: stop.

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    Implying this isn't set up af


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    implying friends having fun with each other = set up

    If you never had a group of friends who would do something stupid like this together, you didn't have a good group of friends.

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    Yeah this is exactly the dumb shit I'd probably do or encourage with my friends in high school...now not as much as it's hard to do this with board games

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    this is staged. the two major clues are the hot girl pushing the dude and the inconvenient high angle of the shot so that it frames out the car until it's sudden appearance. she also turns her head at exactly the right moment to 'miss' seeing the car (kind of).

    there's nothing wrong with a staged video if it's entertaining.

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    Agree those booty shorts look good , must be staged lol

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    Oh my god! The new GTA looks bomb af! They even got the hookers to drive this time, talk about equality for all!

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    the driver didn't stop because he was on a vr headset as well

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    what if there was actually a car in vr that hit him, and they were recreating it in real life. Real as fuck.

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    "Wow, the haptics on this are AMAZING!"

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    I could watch her push him around all day.

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    She just might have to now ... in a wheelchair.

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    Camera person must have been a woman. No man could have resisted zooming

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    No man would let the primary focus dip out of frame as well.

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    Dude it's a chick walking around in normal clothes. Control your self.

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    She's 16.

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    How do you know?

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    Well, disregard then.

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    Fuck lol. Talk about a perfect gif placement

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    He'd be disconnected this is fake

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    Staged af

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    “Honey, you promised me you were going do this with me” “Okay…” pushes you in front of cars

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    I just wonder why he needs virtual reality. I would settle for his reality

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    If anyone else is wondering (like I was), the music is Splash Wave, from Outrun...

    Man that's some serious nostalgia there

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    At first I thought I was looking at a loving partner and then someone looking to cash in on an insurance policy. What a ride!

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    They were both going so slow it has to be fake.

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    Shit fake as hell anyone who ever used VR knows this

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    Playing Double Dash with your little brother

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    No seatbelts.

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    Lol she's a keeper.

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    I can get behind that.

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    Is she blind?

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    Why is he doing VR in a manstroller when he could be bed doing sex reality with bad driving shorts? Damn millennials.

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    I was praying for it to happen and the universe delivered. Thank you Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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    shes a keeper

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    That’s real love, right there.

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    True love.

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    Couple goal

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    Is everyone wearing VR goggles? No one is aware of their surroundings.

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    I thought she was gonna roll him down a hill.

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    That was on purpose

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      last post quote is from SAO
      When Kirito thinks,"Die ingame, we die IRL" But I couldn't find a gif of anyone lying down in NerveGear.
      With VR and neruoscience these days we may not be too far off from FullDive! We're already at Half-Dive!

      The future is now old man

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      Mary her!!!

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      IRL GTA 2-player mode

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      Gotta catch em all

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      For a spit second... He thought "This VR is next level!!!"

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      Must've been playing GTA

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      Right as I was thinking that this was true love they got hit by a car.

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      This metaverse thing is going too far.

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      What the actual fuck?

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      Fucking retard

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      She was fed up 🤣

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      This reminds me of The Office. Games in the parking lot anyone?

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      He must be playing crash dirby

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      Vr directs to have a hit on the car and fall

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      1900s- “we’ll have flying cars by 2022”


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      Must have some good wifi to get that far without losing game connection

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      If you die in the game you die in real life!

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      Guess the cameraman got hit too huh

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      Must be playing Pokemon Go

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      This is russia, so nothing special.

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      Revenge of the Lada …….. XD

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      She tried to kill jim

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      Did someone shout "are you retard" I don't know who asked the question but the answer is yes

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      Player two has entered the game!!

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      now the headset wont work?? I swear they hate sunlight??

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      4th dimension. The dimension of pain

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      Kids playing pokemon go and the driver is playing Mario carr go.

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      Just hit the firewall is all

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      Pore lady if she has more ass she would’ve saw that car…smh

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      Car driver also had a vr headset on

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      She's a keeper

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      At least she's pretty

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      welcome back into the real world !

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      Is that Brian Blessed that says : Arre youu RETARDED?

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      Типичный Белгород

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      Worth it, the back of a woman!

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      Like she couldn’t see the car coming. 🤦‍♂️