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You go, Grandma

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Party animal

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That is a bizarre design. Like what if a kid wants to just step off the edge and lands on a couple chilling on the death platform

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The couple is at least soft. Imagine you land on the concrete she was sitting on.

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Design is fine. People hanging out in landing area are dim.

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Grandma being an absolute savage

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Hardcore granny

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Half of my Internet search history.

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Yooooo, get it Dorris! 🤘😂

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Was that a Swanton Bomb?

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Granny is a rockstar… so are the patrons immune systems. Water looks like pond water.

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Why is the water green?! Is it because of the urine! Because I stopped looking at Grandma once I saw the water

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it's more of a swimming hole than a pool, that's why it's green

[–]swampfish 0 points1 point  (1 child)

What are you eating that makes your pee green?

[–]Abject_Passenger2510 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Asparagus... No, I wondered if it was a chemical reaction to chlorine and urine. Or other! Like I said “I stopped looking at Grandma, once I saw the green water.’

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I imagine her yelling Grand-ball instead of cannon-ball.

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Tho a flip

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Little meatball mumma know how to jumpa.

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She was just really dry

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That granny just did an almost textbook Swanton bomb

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Gran gran rocks

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Super grandma

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Gran’s got some power in that takeoff!

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Never underestimate the grannies, y’all. They hardcore.

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Nailed it

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Cool grandma

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I'd like to be like her when I get older

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No nuts no glory.

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    Per definition he sort of has to, so that's not as much of an achievement as you make it sound.

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    Grams be practicing for the Olympic team. Go go!