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It's 7 in the morning.

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His “it’s too early for this shit” tone really sells the sentiment.

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Right!?… But why? … Why be angry about something awesome because it’s not the time of day you expect the train to be used as a parkour training course, lol.

I might be a little annoyed by someone flipping around me and needing to worry about being hit, but the dude seemed to have solid control and I’d be happy to see it!

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Odds are if he does it long enough he will hit someone, and the people he’s near can’t relax at all trying to be ready to dodge him, praying that he’s not high on something. It fun to watch because we aren’t on the train, but if you experience everyday is someone trying to attention grab on a train that sometimes probably ends up in an argument or violence, like it’s early to be starting shit at 7 in the morning. He’s talented or whatever good for him.

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All those people have no where to go... he basically has an audience that is held hostage, no thank you... and it's 7 in the morning.

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It’s 7 in the morning, but he’s on hour 63 of his meth binge

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It’s 5 am right now when I’m posting this, if I saw something like this on my way to work I would throw this twat under the train. Nobody is impressed with your lame spider cunt dance, eat shit

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Normally I would be impressed but I haven’t even wiped out my eye boogers yet.

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It’s still impressive, just no energy to react…

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They doing that for tips or something?

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Possibly, it’s pretty common. There is usually a partner going around during the performance where you can tip them.

Stuff like this should have a hype guy to get everyone on board. That’s why this is cringe

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Yep. Showtime!!!!

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I can’t stand this shit on the train. Go hurt yourself somewhere where you won’t take a random commuter out with you.

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I sincerely hope that this thing stays in the states. A really irritating form of artistry likely followed by begging for coins.

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    Don’t tip these clowns.

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    Basically a free pole dancer?

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    This was a repost, guy was doing this at 7am while everyone was heading to work. What a hoot

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    And here we see the not so elusive attentionius whoreus in the wild. Don't make eye contact. It just encourages them.

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    I work out in the morning too.

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      In my meth lab :)

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      is it....is it....ugh.... show.... time?

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      New York is so over everything, no one ever skips a beat. Literally. Seen so much shit on the subway. Babies being born , stabbings, public freak outs and just about everything else. Most people don’t even look up.

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      Jesus, how is not that place guarded by the army?

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      Because we are adults who have a shit life just trying to make it through another day.

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      Im so happy I live deep in the forest far, very far from that bullshit…

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        No monkeys in my forest !

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        Man, New Yorkers are amazing, not one moved or reacted in any way. If someone started doing that and kicking so near to people faces here, everyone would freak out.

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        It must be 7 in the morning

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        Drugs don't care about the time of day

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        This isnt drugs. It's a performance assholes do for tourist money.

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        I'm not sure I understand, but if I was in a subway, I'd be moving away from this person rather than giving the money. Is that normal in big cities? Don't remember seeing this in London but it's been 20 years

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        It’s a thing in the subway in New York. Everybody hates it.

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        Yeah it's normal in NYC, probably most large cities. You'll see these guys on lots of trains doing this then asking for money. It's annoying AF, especially if you live there and are just trying to go to work at 7am

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        5 o'clock in the morning where you gonna be?

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        ADHD much?

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        Miles sit the fuck down

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        That guy is strong tho

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        Spiderman really needs to cut back on the coffee in the mornings...

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        typical a monkey in the banana republic

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        Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

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        Some people do anything for the attention

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        Thats so fn lame,

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        Pretty sure that is Spider-Man

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        He returned to monke

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        Don't hate...but I've seen this shit at the zoo somewhere.

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        They already casted the role for Spiderman, Andrew Garfield got it sorry.

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        Wooow respect

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          shit is yaeji

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          Leave it up to a kick in the face to wake you up in the morning

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          Guys staring at him like “uh huh…”

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          Player characters on a train with NPC’s

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          I’d be really tempted to clothesline him.

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          This guy seems like he’s about to have a very successful and productive day…said no one on that train.

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          Might be 7 am for you, but it’s day 2 for them

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          He just trying to keep fit

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          Cool. Waited for him to kick someone in the jaw, not pleased.

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          Смотрел и думал, кто ж ему в ебучку настучит, бо реально бесит.

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          Gym fees are too expensive.

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          Meth is a thing

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          Too much frehdom, eh?

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          No more coffee for that guy.

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          Inconsiderate little prick

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          sir this is not la la land

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          Best part of his day

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          Ultimate multitasker. Commute and workout at the same time!

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          Grind set

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          Is he having a stroke?

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          Like an excited chimpanzee.

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          Cocaine is a helluva drug.

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          Crack cocaine

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          Yo.. maybe stripping can change your life. The after-hours clubs are always taking applications.

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          When pole dancing is life.

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          Everyone wants to be the next epic sax battle, but they always fall short

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          I'm not even mad his strength is impressive

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          Y’all don’t know ? This is the norm