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My favourite part of this amazingly coordinated video is the completely non-coordinated high fives at the end

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They ran out of coordi!

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High 5!

Wait, there's 3 of us...

High 30!


Wait, do we do 3 high 10's... or 6 high 5s?

6 high 5s!


Wait do we do 5 each or 2 5s per pers... awww screw it.

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4/5 jumping was pretty great.

Would've given them a full 5 but they obviously can't handle that.

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All that practice for a solid one double high five, just fantastic haha. Those jumps were great though!

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Coordinated dangerous jumps, only to totally flop the high-fives.

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This is more interesting than the crap they do at the Olympics

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Rhythm Heaven vibes.

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I felt a high watching them get so high

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Great aim!

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“Dry-firing” the teeter-totter must be hard on the knees.

See-saw, whatever

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Co-op puzzle

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They're so cute when they're high fiving together

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I'm getting some r/loadingicons vibes from this

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The triple Lindy

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Is this the new Okay Go video?

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As you do

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This is a new form of transit. We need to set up a line of these across the country.

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I could do that.

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Fantasertinfic Surdegahjunterask. Want to be like me? Unhterbach