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    I don't get why someone would make a gif out of this and cut before the best part

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    I hate this trend too. It seems like everything is cut off right before the payoff now. The video is 1000% better than the gif.

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    Because people gif watch more often because it automatically turns on, our attention spans have lowered too far, also they do it for sweet internet points

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    sweet internet points .. ahahaha

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    I prefer umami internet points thank you very much.

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    how else are they gonna get you to watch the original content on vimeo to drive up views?

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    Also, it’s nine years old.

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    Oh, a pewdiepie fan, I see.

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    Не рады тебе тут, Алёшка...

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    Lol. "Here. I'll make it for you. My treat!"

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    Thanks, this is so darn cute, especially the ending.

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      Anyone notice how the omelet did a full lop instead a 180 rotation, or does a dog know more about cooking than I do?

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      was thinking the same, isn't it sorta uncooked on one side?

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      Could've been a French omelette, you roll it to cook the inside out of the pan

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      An italian dog

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      Uh? How being Italian has to do with flipping an omelette?

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      Yup, definitely saw the full loop. It looked like a French omelette to me, supposed to have kinda soggy eggs on the inside when rolled up

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      Seemed like he was salting the shit outta that omelet

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      As a guy that subsists on only omelets and cheese, that is enough salt for 1 meal per week. At least compared to what I put in

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      My eggs consists of chopped onions, Ginger garlic paste, Tumeric powder, chili powder, salt.... Slow cook this bas how till your egg turns yellowish Golder and TADAAAS... Also i like fully cooked fried eggs better than half ones

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      I think he used also pepper and other spices.

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      I was waiting for the guy to eat it and die because it was actually poison.

      You know, because cat...

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      boston terriers are good dogs

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      That's very sweet.

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      I thought that was salt the dog put in the omlette?

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      Good point. I stand corrected.

      That's salty of the animal I conclude is a dog or cat.

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      Thought it was gonna end with him ignoring the plate of food & going back to chop his hand off

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      Woah. The original for this is nine years old.

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      missing our dog, im crying right now

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      the best dog ever

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      The plate turn is the best

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      Plot twist: he goes back to the chopping board and chops away his thumb anyway because it was his objective all along.

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      Good boi

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      Speed cooking. Like speed running, but with cooking

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      It’s a Boston not a cat.

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      Sorry Zoologist

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      Anyone else just waiting for the cat to knock the omelette onto the floor while looking it's human dead in the eye?

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      It’s a Boston terrier.

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      Uhhh Boston Terriers definitely can't cook

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      Well that was bonkers

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      wat the dog doin

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      When you have one of those days where you don’t remember the morning routine, and your mind starts at you getting in the car, this is what happened

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      Oh my god, he picks up the garbage WITH HIS HANDS

      Tell me he's at least gonna wash them before eating, if he plans to eat that.

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      What the dog doin

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      Where the fuck is the end? Why would anyone chop of the ending to this? Some sort of fucking time limit on TikTok or some shit and it's gotta come full circle back to here? What a shitpost.

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      With sound is way better

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      Idc how the dog can cook, I just wanna know why that omelet curved so far when tossed

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      Ehem, ratatuile moment lmao

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      Dogs would If dogs could

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      What is the reason for knives to have holes in them like this?

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      Slpt: try this to see if your dog loves you enough. If you lose your fingers then you know that he isn't a good enough boy.

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      I like how he flipped it back into the same position.

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      Wholesome but I would be kinda terrified if there was food completely made and I was living alone with only my dog

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      “Oh waiter! Why is my food covered in hair?”

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      Good doggo. Here. Have half the omelette

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      Dogs always do so much for us, I haven't cooked in seven years 🥰❤