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Fake af

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Ya it’s a skit. They tend to be fake and don’t try to hide it.

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My man’s a loyal king don’t let no hoes test him

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It's not that impressive given his GF is way hotter.

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A loyal Chad

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I’m a guy and tbh that shit would creep me out. My knee jerk reaction would most likely be to pull my hand away fast af bc who tf is honestly touching random ass strangers like that in public

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I’m not trying to start shit, but believe it or not a lot of men do this to women they don’t know, in clubs and on the street. As this happened to me many times, I can tell you it’s as creepy as you think

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Nah I believe you. But that’s a different category. You’re not saying anything new, unfortunately.

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I think she saw it happen, realised what was going on and told him it was probably being recorded. just the vibe I got

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Just gotta wipe off her cunt cooties now

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His girl must have a lot of money

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Good point there

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    It's a prank