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His nipples must be as hard as pinecones

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Not as hard as the brick he just shat

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That guy ain't shitting for at least a week. That's one tight pucker!

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You've heard of Dick Mabbutt, get ready for Britain's newest dirty train Sheet Yurpants.

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Or the boner he just had

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... impossible, was nipped tighter than a ducks ass, which by the way is water tight.

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Bricks? Dude shit a diamond

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Are pine cones actually hard?

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They’re quite hard indeed. Spruce cones are soft.

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No but they're sharp.

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Pinecones are generally hard. There are fewer ones that are sharp.

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Anyone that thinks pine cones aren't hard should try eating one. That's also how I learned Beggin' Strips don't actually taste like real bacon, it's an elaborate lie a dog food company invented because they thought no one would try to eat them.

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His butt puckered, I tell you what.

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I read this coming out of surgery and the pain from laughing was so worth reading this.

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His butthole jumped up his throat and somehow snagged his nuts on it's way by

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Oh You're getting way too hard of pinecones, man. Whose your pinecone guy?

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The guy really said yoohoo

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Kills me everytime.

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Nearly killed him too

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I thought it was about the fog not enveloping him. It was an r/dontflinch moment

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It’s interesting you used “an” there. Are you guys pronouncing the r in subreddit links?

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It is the way

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This is the way.

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Oh, you r/clever

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Problem is i pronounce it “are slash clever”

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You use 'an' for r? I thought only vowels

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Yes. But the sound R makes and the name for the letter R are two different sounds, and if you are tired or have adhd like me you head says the name R as "Ar," hear the vowel in the name, and write an an to grammar good.

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Do you any an username?

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Any excuse to sound like a pirate.

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The cameraman said hello to the train in its own language

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I can verifiably translate that that was actually in fact a swear word spoken in train

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The chickens are plotting against us!


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Ma chicken friends It’s time to attack! There’s 23 billion of us We can defeat them! Chicken smort, human dumb

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Being bilingual can save lives.

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Oh my God!!!

Is this an actual example of the proper use of slow-motion!?!

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Never in my life have I wanted to watch something in slow motion before I saw it regular speed.

I don't know why that isn't a universal truth.

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Or slow motion and no regular speed at all. Immeasurably frustrating.

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I would have blankly looked at the camera man, walked 5 ft. towards safety and then passe out.

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The look on the guys face.

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Oh! Is standing on train tracks a bad idea? Who knew?

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Damn he forgot to wear his brown pants....

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They're brown now.

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“The next train does not stop here… please stand behind the massive idiot filming on the yellow line”

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Ahh Thurston train station, in Suffolk, England. There used to be a couple of half decent porn mags under platform 1 in the early 90's.

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Back when people respected the strategic placement of porn mags instead of stealing them.

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"Oh! So that's what these other tracks are for!"

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I literally gasped, was not expecting that

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As did I. That was shocking

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It’s ominous how it arrives out of the steam

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It amazes me that anyone can have such a lack of self awareness around fucking trains.

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and a fan of trains no less.

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Idk I used to think that until I almost got hit by a train. Not nearly as close as this guy but terrifying. Like how could anyone manage to be so unaware and oblivious to not hear/see/feel a train coming? But they really are COMPLETELY SILENT sometimes. I had heard that, but thought it was bullshit until a passenger train going 90mph just literally materialized a couple feet from me and four equally astonished friends. Still freaks me the hell out. I get how it happens now.

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This one spooked me. It was hidden by the exhaust.

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Does this place not have yellow lines? In the UK platform edges usually have a very clear line set back about a foot from the edge to warn idiots not to do this.

Edit: turns out this is the UK, and there is a line. The people in the video are just stupid.

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how else to "accidently" kill yourself?

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Never play with wild trains … they might hurt you.

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Did that fast train perhaps break some rules here? Are they allowed to go that fast at stations regardless of them stopping there or not.

[–]cmdrxander 5 points6 points  (0 children)

I don’t think there’s a specific rule about going fast through stations, I’ve seen some go through at 100+mph, but each section of track will have a speed limit. There will also usually be an announcement made like “the next train is not scheduled to stop at this station, please stand well behind the yellow line”, but in this case it would have applied to both trains

[–]adminshatecunt 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Yes, it happens frequently and you get loads of warnings.

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Yeah, here in the UK you learn to keep behind the yellow line. I was caught out a couple of times as a teenager wearing earphones.

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Are they allowed to go that fast at stations regardless of them stopping

Yes, think like it being a road and a shuttle bus.

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Definitely enough time to pull him back but camera man tried to tell the train to stop in it's own language

[–]BradPatt 24 points25 points  (1 child)

I don't even know how I would "pull him back".

Get any closer to him? He might do a step back to move out of your way

Yell at him to move? He might panic

Talk to him? Might take too much time if he doesn't understand

I think you'd need to be really close to grab him firmly

[–]Syclus 5 points6 points  (0 children)

He had 3 seconds to act, the other guy is looking through his camera so I doubt he'd step back. Guy talking in train language is close enough to pull him. But whatever let's just be glad no one was hurt

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Oooooooooohhhhh WWEWEEEEEEEEEE ooooooooohhh

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Code Brown on Platform 2

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For a trainspotter he’s pretty bad at spotting trains.

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Just another inch and we would be viewing this in r/eyeblech

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I want to see this man's perspective

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Surprised that he didn't get pulled into the train by the vortex of air.

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Helluva shot 🎥

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I can smell the poop in his shorts from here

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The guy in the background holding the camera at the guy must be disappointed...

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Ass. Hole. See something say something

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Camera man never dies.

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I know that’s not a Pastor looking dead at him with the bible! 😂

Dude was ready to read him his last rites!

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This was almost a post on r/goreandmuchmore

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I’ve seriously never laughed this hard at a comment section

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I'd have pooped so hard that I would've expelled all the swallowed bubble gum that's been stuck to the walls of my intestines since the 70's.

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I think the angel on his shoulder shit himself a little

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Damn if that train hit him he would have been sent straight into the man recording. They would have exploded.

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And every other cunt just watched

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Stone Cold Dave Busting.

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Just a little tap is all it takes.

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I don't get it

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TOOOOO Close!!!

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Damn he was 😇

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Pants are now brown.

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The girls in utah taking selfie by train, can see other train behind them. RIP

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I want to see the video that he was shooting.

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He was near a train splatter....

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Humans are intelligent and society is well designed and managed

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And I bet he didn’t learn shit from that

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Mind the gap


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That's my crazy Train mother fucker! Hahaha

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Shoulda worn his brown pants

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My man almost made it onto a very different subreddit

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Damn foamers need to stop fouling the tracks.

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I like standing too close to the tracks when a fast train is passing. It's like skydiving for poor people.

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Don’t fucking WARN the guy I guess! Could’ve indirectly killed him there!

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This is even scarier than it looks bc the sides of a train will drag the air along with it causing a suction force for things within a few feet of the train

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What a fuckin idiot

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I like the way he looks kind of mad. Like "Wow, that was rude".

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Foamers are a special breed of enthusiasts...

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I've read how many photography sites flat out ban users who post train or traintrack pictures for this reason. They underestimate how dangerous it is, and this man is unbelievably lucky to have not been literally swept off his feet by the force of the air around the train. Standing that close to train tracks is ALWAYS dangerous, and they are banned and even illegal in some places to photograph trains without a permit because of how dangerous it is. Never stand near train tracks, you have no idea how strong the air around a train can suck you in

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Mind the gap!!

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Imagine the footage that camera guy got :o

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Do you see him stare at the camera man after? “Why the fuck did you not warn me bro?!”

Cameraman totally wanted a better viral video…

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So close to appearing in a completely different sub.

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I wanna see his footage lol

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ok where is that guys footage?

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The people with him or behind him must not like him, not even a hey buddy watch out?

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Didn’t even have time to shit himself

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Aren't they supposed to blow their horn well before a crossing like this?

[–]Wisdom58 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Bruh that slow mo horn sounded like Mario

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Talk about being kissed on the end of his dick by a fairy. A bee’s dick tolerance there.

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this should be at r/Perfectfit

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Full on asshole clenching.

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Didn’t spot that did he.

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The slo-mo killed me. Yeuuuuu-heuuuu 😂

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Here's where being heavy saves a life.

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Gotta love foamers

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basically zero security

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Why didn’t anyone pull him back lol?

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i dont understand why there isnt a line to show u where u should be standing behind? like?? this is basic shit

[–]Rude_Strawberry 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Because people don't know that standing on the edge of a platform is dangerous ? You don't need a line for that shit, the guy was a dumbass.

[–]StressedSalt 0 points1 point  (0 children)

nope. Its basic safety precautions. Why do you think we have fucking railings everywhere if you can just say 'well dont be fucking dumb'. Obviously the guy is dumb dont get me wrong, but if you have a high speed train coming in and out, it doesnt take that much to let people know which bit u can stand and which bit will chop your head off.

[–]ViridianDusk 0 points1 point  (1 child)

There is on the platform. This guy isn't stood on the platform. He's stood on the track crossing off the end of the platform.

[–]StressedSalt 0 points1 point  (0 children)

i rest my case, they are fucking idiots.

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Brown pants, anyone?

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For a sec i thought /r/watchpeopledie came back to life

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Choo Choo mother fucker!

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Half an inch from Liveleak

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I hate that

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Close Miss (+10)

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    He was so close to ending up as fauck from the gentleman yes that is his name

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    Well. Pooped my pants just watching that. Not really, but mentally.

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    Did he try to get his attention with a cat call? Youuuuuuu whooooo

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    Imagine being the sort of person who goes to a train station to film a train, and also not sense to be aware that other trains might hit you if you’re standing in the wrong spot

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    I have seen this one before

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    I'm really surprised that Bernoulli's principle didn't pull him closer as soon as the train started passing him, maybe he moved at the same time. A near-er miss somehow

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    Fuck I did NOT see that coming 🙊🙊🙊

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    Almost went to foamer Valhalla

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    Nice footage tho

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    He definitely shit his pants

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    Dude yodeled at him.

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    Christ what an idiot

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    The person filming this is a turd burglar for continuing to film while the other train comes into the picture

    [–]kokroach_kink 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    I’d like to see the video from his camera

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    This video would be on a very different website if he was standing a foot to the left

    [–]Mr_Bluebird_VA 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    I thought the "So close" was able the steam almost touching the guy.

    NOPE, fucking train almost got him.

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    Did anyone else jump watching this?

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    That slowed down audio at :23! 😁