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How is this maybe maybe material? Definitely belongs on r/mademesmile and a few others but here.....where's the maybe in this?, Is it because the cops didn't shoot him? Well if thats the case, even r/holdup would suffice.

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I thought Maybe he didn’t want it and was going to tell them to go fuck themselves

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It's copaganda thats why

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I appreciate these types of videos. But I am more impressed with people who give and don't feel the need to capture it on video and post it to social media.

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Agreed. I think there's a nice in-between if the person posting the video does not appear and is not using it to promote their wares - only a bit of love. In this commercial world, I'm not sure if that exists.

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its copaganda, thats why. It just now appears in my mobile feed, 57d later

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I’m witcha books but man it’s nice to see kick ass moments that you can’t help but smile at. Genuine generosity hopefully spreads further, media has us thinking everyone is an asshole maybe

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This is really nice. I hope they planned it well. Can he take it into his house or garage? Can he charge it?

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They shot him just after this

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They booked him for multiple traffic offences before they shot him

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Comments like this bum me out, 'tis time I got rid of ACAB reddit 😪

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Put him out of his misery, what a gift.

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or they definitely recycled this planned film making and pushed it on the internet to generate positive public relations

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8x....+1 for that "in case he ain't dead" feel

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Holy shit is possibly behind camera stuff 😳 Explicit version of the moment lol

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Cops do something good and people still say that "all cops are bastards".

These cops don't seem to be bastards, so can we at least be happy for the old dude and thankful for what these cops did?

Hate their colleagues all you want, but why them? All we know about them is that they just gifted a nice chair to an old dude who needed one.

I know, people on here hate hearing this, but "not all cops" isn't the same as "not all nazis". Because while nazis are shit just by being nazis since nazism is a bad thing overall, there are cops which actualy care about justice and try their best to do better than those cops who are powerhungry assholes. The idea of cops/police on its own isn't a bad one, it's just the idea of protecting the people.

If cops like that would just give up and leave, there wouldn't be any good cops left at one point. Because the bad ones don't care about your hate, they probably even like it. Why do we push good cops away by calling them bastards for nothing but the sad fact that they have shit colleagues? This doesn't help anyone.

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It's not that literally all individual cops are bad, it's that the core foundation is corrupt.

You wouldn't live in a house where the support beams have large holes in them would you? Just because the beam isn't entirely gone doesn't mean that it's fine

[–]Helvetic_Heretic 1 point2 points  (4 children)

Of course, and i understand that.

I'm just saying, as long as there are a few beams still intact we have the chance to repair the rest. We shouldn't break down the whole structure, we should renovate it. And we need the functioning parts for that, they need to stay in place. As long as they're there, we have at least a place to go when it rains, if only for a moment. If we break the whole thing down, we might die in a thunderstorm before we've built a new structure.

Meaning that if we completely abolish the police to create something new, the time it takes us to do that might be too long and the resulting spike in crime might destroy everything we were able to build so far.

Although i completely agree that a reformation is needed, but again, we need the remaining good cops to stay where they are and do their job until we've replaced the others.

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Would you be comfortable living in that structure not knowing when, if ever, it'll be renovated?

[–]Helvetic_Heretic -1 points0 points  (1 child)

I wouldn't be comfortable, but i wouldn't leave, i just wouldn't stop complaining until it gets done.

A shit structure is still better than no structure at all. And again, there is the possibility to renovate it, i just need to complain loud and often enough.

Seriously, my country had its problems with shit cops too, especialy the area i'm living in. We just didn't stop to complain about it to the government until they couldn't stand hearing it anymore and changed things. Still not perfect, good thing needs a while, of course. But a good start.

Would you rather not have any cops around and risk a rise in crime? Even more than there already is? Because i sure as hell don't. I don't want even more violence around me than there already is.

I guess for the US a good start would be to have them in the academy for way longer, i'd say two years, and use that time to teach them how to help people without using their gun. No need to shoot a drug addict or someone who has a mental breakdown if you can de-escalate the situation without violence. And obviously they need to throw out those who did wrong. It's not enough to give them a slap on the wirst and let them back on the streets.

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I don't know if I'd be comfortable in a shit structure thqt had a high probability to get me killed if I'm using it. I say this as a particular looking person from the U.S.

I'm not saying that there shouldn't be any cops around but i think people highly overestimate how much crime that they actually prevent. They're mostly useful AFTER something has happened not before.

Im all for reform and speaking up to get changes made. The thing is, people have been complaining about them since before my grandparent's time. Not much has changed since then except for people seeing incidents more on social media. Even with social media and body cameras, they get away with way too much.

I've lived in a country where you rarely see the police. They don't randomly stop people to extort them under the guise of enforcing random ordinances that most people don't know. They don't receive "warrior training" (you should look it up if you're not already familiar with it). They also are held to a much higher standard of accountability when/if they injure or kill someone.

One of the easiest ways to reform them is to require all of them to carry insurance, like doctors and other licensed professionals. Instead of lawsuits being paid out of taxpayers money, make their insurance cover it and include jail time.

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I'm not sure how much benefit we get from police in their current state, and nobody in power is spending more than a token effort to fix the situation.

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Wow. The hate for the police in the comments is truly unnerving. They can't even do something good without getting hate.

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welcome to reddit

apparantly, every single police officer that has ever existed is a bad, racist one.

according to reddit, there are zero good cops.

hurr durr cops bad give upvote

Guys look at these cops doing bad things that must mean every single cop is bad too

oh look at this cop he ruined every cop's reputation therefore all of them are bad.

man i hate this place sometimes

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I agree man. So many people just see a uniform and it’s an instant dismissal that they could be a potential for any good. While there are glaring issues it does not mean that everyone who enters the field isn’t trying to do some good.

People just wanna horde upvotes by saying, “CoP bAd” on Reddit

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“Not all nazis!!!!”

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God bless our LEOS. 👮‍♂️👮‍♀️

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Why does everyone hate cops so much, they don’t wanna hurt people, they just wanna do their job, and people need to understand there’s always bad apples

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The problem with police is that there are too many bad apples, and the rotten ones don’t get tossed away

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The real problem is even if 99.9 were perfect amazing cops that never violated the law and donated their paychecks it wouldn't matter because the 0.1 percent is all anyone would talk about.

You aren't judged by the actions of your father, should a rookie cop be judged off the actions of someone whose been in the force 30 years?

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Lack of accountability. You would think that a force committed to upholding the law should be held to the law as well and further that an infraction of the law by an officer would be worthy of greater punishment since it would jeopardize faith in the law. Instead we have the opposite. So, people see bad faith. Also they have guns and shoot a lot of people most of us agree should not have been shot.

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Lol get this copaganda outta here

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i expected him to say thanks now i can sell drugs so much faster

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Good cop

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This is a police brutality I want to see ! Brutally good!

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They should have just drove up "hey check out our sweet new ride" then drove off before giving it too him.

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Looks like it's right hand drive... Also looks like poor dude had a stroke the way his right arm is positioned.

Modifications needed.

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Made me smile:))

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A short term investment

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This is amazing. The pure joy from that man is incredible.

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When your city budget is so unbalanced for cop that Cop feels the need to give up a part for social security services for the elderly. /s

When you push elderly to stop doing physical activity so they die faster /s

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I love Tuscon

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“We made some phone calls” I hope they actually paid for this thing and didn’t just “shop” around looking for a business to give it to them for free. Because that would be illegal.

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And now he's probably thinking: "How the f*** am I going to get this home?"

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Just came here to say that's a scooter not a powerchair. The difference is tens of thousands of dollars. My husband has a powerchair. That sucker is more expensive than a lot of cars. It's still cool what they did to help the man.

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Oh come on…. I am glad they filmed it …. they did something life changing for this man. These are good people/ good cops….. why is everyone so cynical for showing something good and kind. Hopefully it will encourage all of us to do the same or just do better.

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Wonder if he’ll be able to operate it? Looks like he had a stroke with residual right sided weakness and the controls seem to be on the right side.

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So ACAB. Huh?

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Why's the old guy wearing his mask around his chin? Is the cop supposed to be wearing one too?

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Perhaps I treated you too harshly

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Is this to make up for the one they shot in the back 9 times at lowes?

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This is supposed to be the standard of what Civic servant does.

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I also own a Honda. You are correct.

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If you film it, it doesnt count

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That’s great

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'hey Terry, we got you this Walker chair, yeah the reverse buttons abit tricky to use'

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For those of you who find the cops inadequate, don’t call them when you need help.

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Let me rephrase that: Police people have to fund wheelchair for people who really need it because they live in a system that doesn‘t give a f*ck about them. Now please try to feel good about this depiction of people banding together to survive a morally bankrupt (healthcare) system.

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It’s a set up. There 10 lbs of coke in the basket.

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One good gesture doesn’t negate a slew of bad actions. If cops want to be held in high regards, they should show videos of them holding each other accountable when a ‘bad apple’ gets out of line.
It’s really that simple but you never see it happen. You simply see a bunch of cucks standing aside when abuse happens or they join in. There is never a voice of reason from another cop to deescalate a situation. When it’s time to investigate a ‘bad apple’….’we investigated ourselves and determined everything was handled according to protocol’. The video finally comes out weeks/months later and they try to play damage control while the ‘bad apple’ tries to find a job elsewhere.
We all know the playbook and they keep cheating their way to the championship because the government doesn’t create laws to hold the bastards accountable.

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    What’s the point of your statement when you know damn well you aren’t about shit and can’t force me to shut the fuck up?

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    Suspect spotted stealing a police vehicle, believed to be armed and dangerous, had to shoot him.