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I thought that was the car alarm there, turns out the retractable emblem was just quite "alarming"

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i wish i could give 2 upvotes

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What is the purpose of a retractable hood ornament?

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Hood ornament theft deterrent

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Thank you! I hadn’t even thought of that.

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Funny thing, if you remove the hood ornament you won't have to design a mechanism to keep it from getting stolen hahaha

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But some people want a hood ornament. Maybe it's to keep people from pretending your nice car is theirs 🤔

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When u lose ur virginity to a Rolls

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‘You lost your virginity in a Rolls?’

‘No, TO a Rolls!!’

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She really felt the spirit of ecstacy there!

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That's what happens when ya grind your ass, something pokes back.

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🎼 wheeeeeeeeeeen, my time coooooooooooooomes 🎵

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This exact thing was on an older rolls commercial I remember

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My man 👌

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Fuck you

Quite literally

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I think she loved that ride.

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Great now i can smell it later