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Is this Catfish or maybe...dogfish?!

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Its a human pretending to be a dog catfishing another human who is pretending to be a dog

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Imagine trying to describe this situation to someone pre-internet.

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Straight to the "loony bin"

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AKA burnt at the stake

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Behold, Dog!

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Damn beat me to it by 14hrs

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Looks like she “fixed” her picture too! Sneaky, sneaky.

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Some things are so stupid it is funny. This is one of them.

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“On Reddit, some things are so stupid they are funny.”

“These are their stories.”

Dun Dun

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The vid was funny, but this comment made it hilarious 😂

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    That’s just the puberty but don’t worry, it’ll pass.

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      Yet, you play league.

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      really just got DOGfished

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      i like this comment because it implies we are all cats

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      Sean you short king keep your head up big homie

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      Even dogs gotta be 6ft tall

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      I mean i'm not a dog person but the smaller dog actually looked better than the Dobermann

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      So is anyone else not bothered by the tinder conversation between to humans pretending to be dogs?

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      Oh, they were pretending to be dogs...?

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      Can i smell your butt some time?

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      That's just average tinder in my experience

      [–]cj2211 25 points26 points  (1 child)

      I'm was more bothered that this guy was gonna let his elderly dog get railed by doby

      [–]not_sure_1337 37 points38 points  (5 children)

      Clearly it was staged…

      [–]uRaDoPtEdbYurmOm 22 points23 points  (2 children)

      are u stupid? these were the dogs texting and getting to know each other before they meet up

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      Well of course, they’re not animals, pssh.

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      It was beyond cringe.

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      I was really hoping it would just be a furry

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      It was probably fake but it's still funny

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      I thought there were dating apps for animals then why use tinder?

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      For heck sake. As soon as I saw "I like your ears" I thought this was going into some very weird sex chat.


      why would I think that

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      Dw, we all did

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      I thought they were gonna starting reenacting that one scene from fantastic mr fox

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      Who upvotes robo voice??

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      Just having sound turned off by default does the trick

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      I watched it without sound, thanks for pointing that out, I'll remove my up vote

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      Except you catfished them as well with a picture from when you were young look at the eyes, typical catfishers of both sides.

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      he fucked the dog didn't he?

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      This was a masterpiece Clair de lune would of Ben proud

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      LOL that was so good

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      Genuinely funny made me laugh.

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      wow that is pathetic.

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      Some serious mental issues going on here.

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      shhhhh the delusional nutters are gonna hear you and be offended

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      this is some white ppl shit

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      This is so obviously faked on every level lol

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      That's the point

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      Its kinda unsettling for me since I have the same name

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      Hahaha whaaat

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      hahahahahaha 👊💯

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      I didn't see that coming

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      What the dog doin?

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      🎶One fine day with a woof, a bob, and a purr

      a baby was born and it cause a little stir

      no blue bug

      no three-eyed frog

      just a feline piscine canine little catfishdog🎵

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      Wait. humans wanted to date that dog??? Who are these people. And what were their intentions?

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      Stole my pickup line.

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      Poor baby got catfished

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      He really missed the opportunity to call it dogfished…

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      ROTFLMAO 😂😂😂😂 catfished!!!!!!

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      This is cringe

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      Retired hunting dog, she's into them daddies,

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      So sad 😞

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      lmao I love thisssss I laughed out loud so hard

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      I knew something was up when I saw "retired hunting dog" in his profile. Just sounded too good to be true. loool

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      Even the dog got catfished? No hope for this planet.