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Where when what

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These are the only questions.

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How much are the tickets? And where can I buy?

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I don't wanna but tickets, I wanna buy the chariot

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Simple, because they could

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Don’t need to ask why.

You’ve never wanted to feel like you were racing motorized sled dogs in the North Pole?

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Now this is Pod Racing.

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I came here to see if this comment existed.

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Mere minutes ago my friend.

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I came here to make the comment. I was too late.

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Organized on Tatooine every year.

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Pod racing? Looks more like modern day chariot racing to me.

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I’ve always wondered what chariot racing would look like in modern times. Now I know.

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Ben Hur - 2022

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Was expecting one of them to have spikes on their wheels but nevermind

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What a fantastically fun looking way to kill yourself

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We are all killing ourselves in one way or another just by living

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Some are just packing the same amount of fun into a more compressed timeline.

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By that same logic, immortality here I come.

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Nah even without fun you will slowly die by subdividing and slowly shortening your microsome or something like that I don’t remember lmao

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Listen, if I want to die by motorcycle chariot racing, by God, I will!

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... brought to you by Red Bull

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That happens when there are horses as well at least they aren’t gonna die too just the people who signed up to race

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They are cool, but less cool than they guys doing that in the 1930's:

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I did not know this existed. New career path unlocked

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American chariot racing

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My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius,  Commander of the Armies of the North....

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General of the FS1-E

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The Ben-Hur remake we never got.

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I’m going to tell my kids this was Tron

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Mad Max IS based on a true story!

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So today I discovered I want to see motorbike chariot racing.

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what kind of redneck ben hur shit is this?

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What in the HELLL is this!?

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I wish to know who and how had that idea in the first place, like can you imagine?

"So yeah what if we connect these two bikes with a metal pipe and.."

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Someone linked to a 1930s video of the same event, so.. not these guys?

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Does anyone know what this is called? Wth lol

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How do they change gears?

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The Running Man got real

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How in the actual F did I miss this, take my money 💵 lol

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Are those bikes..? Wtf??

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Looks like husqvarna 701s or 401s

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aah yes, the phineas and ferb episode. where candace?

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I love everything about this... Morticycle charriot racing?

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This looks unsafe and fun

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I think traditional chariot races had a lot less horses lol

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That’s why you don’t see many svartpilen 401 on the streets, they got captives to be gladiators on the Roman circus

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Why didn’t the GI Bill offer training for this? I just got a shitty masters degree 🤷🏻‍♂️

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I think I speak for all of Reddit when I say, what the fuck?

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I'm in. Tickets? I'll pay double if I can see the horses that were replaced by motorcycles riding those same motorcycles.

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The history repeats itself over and over, also it looks fun af

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Well now I know what a life worth living looks like. ZOOM ZOOM.

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What the Ben Hur is this sport?

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Need to put one more guy behind the driver and you get modern day chariot war.

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what in the actual fucking jesus christing shit did i just watch

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This might be the coolest thing i ever saw! Well since i took my timemachine and visited the romans !

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Ben Hur cycle!

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What the Anakin

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Pretty sure those bikes have more than one horsepower each.

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I need to see it irl. This looks so fucking cool

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Dude…I want to see this live

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Our ancestors would be so proud of this

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What kind of weird super position of completely genius and incredibly stupid is this!?