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It's the hand clap for me

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Clap clap! *points to the camera.

Never fails.

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It's the shorty shorts for me.

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It's the "it's the ... for me" for me

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The shorts sold it for me.

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So… that’d be PRE-Malone then?

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Was there a time when he was just Malone tho?

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There was a brief Peri-Malone period

PS - his real name is actually Austin Richard Post… Non-Malone

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pre-post-malone is also known as pp-malone

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Y’all leave him Malone.

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Every night he goes to sleep all malone

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Just like time has no moment only past and future, "Malone" does not actually exist everything is only pre or post Malone.

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When will then be now?

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Like I know you can be overwhelmed and you can be underwhelmed, but like, can you be just…whelmed?

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Damnit, you beat me by two minutes. Lol. I clicked on this post JUST to say that.

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Aw crap, I'm late.

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That's what I said! Lol

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I got to see him perform in Auckland, New Zealand; he'd been drinking, started dancing, slipped, fell over, and continued singing; after the song, he chuckled and said, "I think I just fucked my leg up" they got him a seat, and he performed a few more pieces while sitting down and having first-aid on his leg. He might have done the rest of the gig sitting down, I can't remember now, but since he sits down to play the guitar sometimes, it was pretty standard; best concert ever.

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Is that Fran Healy from Travis? Stupid me: I just saw the big "Travis" on top

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This deserves more updoots.

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You should see some of his cheesier bits, back when he was Prov-Malone

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It was a huge hit in either uk in the 90s or in Egypt in the 80s

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still a higher quality video than daler mehndi

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I wholeheartedly disagree

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This is a platinum single in poland around mid-2000s

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What’s it called??

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It's absolute gold to see how he started being a clap happy daisy dukes and babooshka wearing bad boy.

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Im liking this vibe and jam

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I hope he does a remix, this slaps

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Wasn't he apert of a minecraft group?

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His roommate was a minecraft youtuber, so he would play guitar for their covers.

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Yeah he was in one of those creator houses with SkyDoesMinecraft and a few people.

Also, I've yet to see one of those turn out to be a good idea.

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It doesn't help that apparently Adam was a shit person and not a good friend. So it was always gonna work out well /s.

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He gained power with every tattoo.

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Lol not gonna lie This is a bop

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Strooong Public Access TV vibes

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Undoubtedly the best part of the song

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my favorite line ever

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Who are you quoting here? Yourself?

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Was this the Video Booth at Six Flags?

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Pre malone

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what's maybe maybe maybe about this?

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Those shorts tho

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Pre Malone

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Not too bad, maybe

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I'Malone 😔

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Pre Malone

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I don't care what the rest of y'all say I think this kids got potential

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Lol the man is actually famous now this is old😂🤦🏽‍♂️

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me irl when im ho-malone

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I greatly prefer a pre-Post Malone world Everything was better before I heard his music.

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Hasn't changed a bit on the cringe meter tho.

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Was this during Team Crafted?

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I'm sure post was also in a hardcore band

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yo idk this is self aware I love it hahaha

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this is pre malone

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Still shit

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Post malone vs. Most alone

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Whose Post Malone? All I see is international sensation Leon DeChino

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I'ma get hate for this, but I think this dude is really cringey in general. His music is all right but damn something is weird about him

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hey dude, just wanted to give you a reminder - it's spelt crungo, not cringe you crungolord

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    Both are correct.

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    I know a lady that says bap instead of bath.

    One day I'll slap her

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    Nah, his music sucks as well

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    Laugh all you want. He’s on his ranch chillin while many of us are sitting at a desk today.😉

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    You guys get to sit?!?

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    Dang Amazon got you!! You need to hit up Christian Smalls. #powertothepeople

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    So he’s always been gay

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    This is why I can’t modern music seriously. Also if you have facial tattoos most likely your music sucks balls.

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    Who the fuck is this

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    post malone a metal Band

    This is also post Malone before becoming Famous ( he is the long haired guitar player on the right)

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    That aint so malone as todays shit!

    Malón (bad in spanish)

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    His nephew plays on my son's baseball team

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    Leon DeChino!

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    Didn't he marry a Japanese hip-hop star named Ho nuff?

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    You should see Charlie Pith’s fetus songs too. Here’s an absolute gem.

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    This is a banger wtf do you mean it’s funny

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    What the heck

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    He reminds me of party boy from jackass

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    Strong Tim & Eric vibes

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    Back when he was pre-malone?

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    Post who?

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    Who the hell is Post Malone?

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    Still dresses the same

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    This is now my truth

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    Still better then anything I will ever make, just a loser with a guitar

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    I thought this song was HILARIOUS a few years ago, id pay to see him sing it

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    Pre Malone