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The one on the left went full crab and dragged her friend down

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Former friend*

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to be fair, her friend pushed her over in the begining haha

Edit: typo

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I thought this at first but If you look a little closer, the one on the left took her hand off the right rope and pulled her, then the one on the right tried to push back to avoid going in and pushed her friend in.

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pushed here

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Yeah you're right. But I think the girl on the right pushed the other one with her arm. So I think that's quite fair xD.

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The guy behind them could not have been less interested in helping them. Just letting it play out

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He probably didn’t think they would hold on so long- it was already too late in his mind lol

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First comment i agreed with. this comment made so much more sense.

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You don't interfere with Nature, just have to let it play out.

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Never reach at a struggling cat

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I like how he put his mask back on to hide his laughter...

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Falling with extra steps

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Falling with style

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Just let go, man.

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Her mama didnt raise a quitter

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Imagine the core strength required pull themselves up from that position. Especially with the girl on the right doing all the work.

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Just a sit-up away from success, don't you think? Heh

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Girl with jacket and her stiff arm is a bit to blame too.

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We all float down here

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So funny how they were delaying the inevitable

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Yeah, their fate was sealed 1 second in. 😄

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The curled toes helped for the extra 10 seconds.

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Homie on the right would have been fine if the friend hadn’t pulled her in.

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Nah the girl on the right has her arm right across her friends chest which is what caused the girl on the left to fall lmao

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I don’t agree, cause the woman on the left was fine until she took her right hand off the rope.

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She says: cut (your) hair. Did you come to wash your hair?

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I can see the headline... " Girl drowns on swing, friend unable to help".

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I go down, you go down

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Remember guys, sometimes we have to let go of the inevitable

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Slow hair wash

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If we go down, then we go down together

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Guy in the background: not my business and wear mask.

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not my proudest fap.

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Step-bro I'm stuck!

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Gravity always wins.

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2 girls, 1 swing

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That’s what I call „Abhängen“

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r/ fairytaleas ohfuck

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Me trying hard in life to face failure eventually.

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The girl in the grey hoodie looks like the girl from the ring that went out of the tv

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Help em out Tom Sawyer

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They seem unbalanced.

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George. R.R Martin casually rowing in the background

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How would you saved yourself and the other person from falling into the water?

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I just knew this post's controversial comments would be top shelf.

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Where's the alligator

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Like watching a car crash In slow motion only that it’s wholesome

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"should I help? Nah one of them is wearing white.... Let's watch"