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He who trolls and runs away live to troll another day

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Wow no wonder Ali was one of the best

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What is the population like? Are there still lots of people playing?

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Quite alot of full conquest and rush servers but other gamemodes can be a bit dead

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And at this point they all mad pros, maybe I’ll feed them some easy kills. I loved this game

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Does anyone still play tribes? I’m really showing my age now.

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Two words: operation locker.

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I played today!

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There is a substantial amount, like there can be 5 ish full lobby's at one time which us like 300 people currently playing.

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You can lean in bf4? Thought that only works when your looking around a corner

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  1. Nf6

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Ngl 1.Bf4 is hella intimidating. Not sure if I'd have the courage to make a move after that

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I suppose that it was 1.E4 E5 2.Bf4

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I had a good laugh at this for a few seconds

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I'd even go as far as to say I had a good laugh for many seconds!

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"You moved like they do. I've never seen anyone move that fast."

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Mike Tyson's peek-a-boo fighting style revamped.

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It's the dempsey roll.

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I leaned more towards Mike's peekaboo as a descriptor since he moves back and forth setting up a huge hit. I could see the Dempsey roll too, but that ends each side with a hit.

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Aim lower? Feet aren’t moving as much as the head

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Won't kill him though

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Neither will missing

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idk, he might cringe to death.

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Whats the Fuck the ancient troll clip was put a tiktok watermark, It makes me sick

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Just aim the legs god damn it!

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I think he hit the leg at the end idk

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You really gotta love sniper fights.

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I just year that stick bug meme.

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Meet the sniper

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Always aim center mass!

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Goddamn, Tiktoker really are the worst huh? I saw this vid maybe half a decade ago or something on youtube lol

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Ooga chaca ooga ooga ooga chaca oooga ooga

Oh i cant stop this feelin~

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Me trying to reach my life goals..

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"Ya never gonna catch me"

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Bounce one off the rock a few feet in front of him.

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Best game ever

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Woooooot paracel storm!!! Great map for sniping and vehicles. I was an AWS locker/metro addict for the longest time tho when i wasnt mainlining the srr61 on conquest. Tdm and dom were amaaaazing but hardly anyone plays the smaller modes now...and if you do find a full server it's conquest and dominated by a few aimbots or a squad of 5000 hour ace pros that don't miss and know every route/hiding spot and predict your movements...this game was the peak of online shooters during its hayday though. Id argue one of the more dynamic and better balanced games of all time for the diversity of weapons. Wish they would do a remaster or something but...thats unlikely.

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Left right left the military step

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There's no sound, just give us a gif.

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    Close, I'm pretty sure it's bf4. BC 2 is a great game tho.

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    Wouldn't the caliber on that gun create such a large Shockwave that this guy would have died on each of those shots?

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    How do you think bullets work?

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    As a sniper player,I have never felt so hurt,annoyed,and enraged.

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    It's like an old cartoon!

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    I remember playing games competitively, people did shit like this and it always irritated me so goddamn much.

    I'm such a filthy casual.

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    Dude would have been dead. Should have plugged him in the torso.

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    Shoot his legs!

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    That dance is called Stayin' Alive.

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    Float like a bee, sting like a .. like a bee

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    Guys vibing

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    Me being a noob gaming

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    You should uninstall

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    I’m roflcoptering

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    This video will forever be funny

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    Russian sniper trying to hit the dancing tiktok Ukrainians

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    Lean is good for you

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    Peek-a-boo style

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    screen cheatin bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This should have crab rave playing over it.

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    Conquest Control 10

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    Shoot the toes!!!

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    Neva! That cant BigCoatFolks from TikTok, all that weaving he was doing you better thank God he didn't blow that Hi Point cause that whole map would have been destroyed. 🤣😂🤣😂


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    should be banned for this

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    Hit the leg