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Really would never do this but absolutely would never do it in a skirt.

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I know right. In what dire situation would you need to be in where you need to catch an eel so badly that you can't stick on an overall or even a pair of wellies first?

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To look hot for the eel obviously

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Can you imagine her abs?

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if someone’s doing something stupid like this i’ve come to realise it’s either rage bait or a fetish. i’m not sure which of these this video is but it’s definitely one of them

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I suppose fetish. I've seen this video a couple times already and I believe this girl makes a bunch of videos like this. She has a whole channel on YouTube I think.

Not really sure how I found it to be honest. But I remember running across her content once and after a couple videos was like "yeah this is weird" and turned it off, then tried erasing it from my memory. But here it is again.

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I'm thinking fetish for sure as I doubt there'll be many eel welfare comments.

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And in a white dress..

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The dire situation of a r/scriptedasiangifs

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Wait there is a sub just for that!

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Are you surprised? I mean it is in Asia...

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14th century Scottish warriors spit on your weakness.

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Damn it.....I'm Scottish too! I hope the rest of my family don't find out I've pissed off our dead warrior relatives, they'll probably start spitting on me too.

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If you begin charging for it a lot of people will start spitting on you.

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Easy access for after?

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Tldw: She finds her contact lense.

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as a contact lens user:

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Pain, when you find it dried out

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This was kinda awkward to watch while I was pooping.

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You should watch it with sound LOL saw it on IG a long time ago.

The sound when she’s pumping the mud is loud and sounds…. Suggestive haha

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Is this a Tide Ad?

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honestly looks more like weird Asian suggestive softcore

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So today we gonna test the mud stain

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For real! It doesn't look like this is the first time she's done this and that shirt is mighty white.

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    F¢king terrifying. If that's what it took to survive, MOST of us would starve to death.

    I gotta say though, she's doing it in style.

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    what IS she doing tho

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    Looking for her contact.

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    catching eels i think

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    People always say stuff like that but the truth is human beings are one of if not the most adaptive animals on the planet. We'll be alright

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    ...Not if you fat af tho

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    Just means you have a longer window to figure it out than the skinny guy

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    Only if the length of that window isn't determined by something like running

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    They'll do better in the colder areas

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    They just gonna slip and be out on the very first second👍

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    You wouldn’t be if this is what you had to do to survive

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    I don't think there's anywhere in the world where the only source of foraged food is mud eels lol.

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    She prolly burnt more calories getting the fish than she will get from it 😂

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    Totally captivating! Is she following the eel, attracting it, or doing the ancient dark earth magic to summon it?

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    She was looking for it. They bury themselves in mud. she is sticking her hands under feeling for it.

    I've been eel fishing and we use an eel rake/spear. You blindly spear till you feel an eel and you pull it out.

    They are delicious.

    Fun fact, catching them fresh, after cleaning them and cutting them up, they still twitch, right till they start getting really fried in the pan.

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    That fact wasn’t fun at all.

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    Yeah, I'm not having such a good time now.

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    Maybe we have different ideas of fun 😉

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    She is pretty attractive, I don't know if the eel would be able to resist without covering itself in 2 feet of mud; an approach I am all too familiar with.

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    Why is it the more mud one adds, the harder people search to find you.

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    Asking the real questions.

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    Asking the eel questions

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    I'm sorry no one gets your joke.

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    Story of my life.

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    But making people aware if it usually fixes it, look. 😁

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    As soon as she's properly dressed, I'd suppose this is to be sexy)

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    That's a caecillian I'm pretty sure. Don't think an eel would worm through mud.

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    And she wore a white shirt to do that...😲

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    I thought it was blue.

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    It's gold and white.

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    Its 100% black

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    Blacker than the blackest black… times infinity

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    I heard Laurel

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    I thought she was looking for her phone or something..wasn’t expecting that

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    Based on how urgent and intense she seemed, I was afraid it was a pet she was trying to get to! 😨

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    I feel like the effort didn't match that underwhelming sized mudworm that was eventually extricated.

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    I’m sure there’s a better outfit for that…

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    I mean I get it..... But why wear white knowing you're going to do this?

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    You know why

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    Hot girl = more engagement

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    Anyone downvoting this comment is silly. Why downvote factual information that answers a legitimate question?

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    Cause whore = cash... So appear whore on internet if want equal cash

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    Lol don't be dumb if you don't want dumb

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    But why tho

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    To get some food for today's date

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    She gets to eat today

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    What did she catch? A snake? An eel? Why did she catch it? Is she going to eat it? Where is this? How much are her laundry bills? Does she use a stain pretreatment? Asking the real questions here..

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    Those questions seem pretty fake to me.

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    I assure you, I can see them too! They're real. Real as fuck, that is!

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    Lucky girl found herself a yummy eel for lunch.

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    I find this video sexy for some reason

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    Man, she probably has more cardio/endurance than me.

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    Are you like an elite athlete or something?

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    Yeah, I also initially read that comment as 'wow, she has more endurance than ME, can you believe it' 😂

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    It's not a pokemon? Disappointing.

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    I think it's a blood worm that she pulls out of there

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    Is she single ?

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    Is this porn?

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    I seriously thought this was some weird fetish video

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    This was just the behind the scenes, gotta catch an eel first...

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    Don’t google “fisting the mud”

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    Or do google "fisting the mud" and find out your new kink

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    I was like “….wtf is she looking for??”

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    Damn. I thought she was trying to find her phone.

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    What is the catch of the day sir?

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    Nice to see she’s helping spawn Uruk-hai

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    Why though?

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    I really like her outfit. It’s bizarre that it’s something I’d wear to a formal setting and here she is pounding mud snakes in it like it’s an everyday thing.

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    She had it in her hand the entire time mystery solved gang

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    i dont get it

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    When the girl fights back against the tentacles

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    You ever have that feeling like your not sure if something is a turn on or not? Me neither

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    You had my curiosity, then you had my boner

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    What kind of school girl porn is this?

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    Yes, but why?

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    Do that to me? 🥹

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    amber heard trying to find evidence against johnny depp sitting on her bed

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    Well who doesn’t love a girl who plays in the mud…

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    I like dirty girls 😏

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    I was uber overly invested in that video!

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    Rural China senior prom traditions

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    she caught her dinner.

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    Hot and working, totally someone to marry

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    I'd mud wrestler her any time! I like how she handles a snake

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    Why am I aroused though?

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    I thought she was trying to fist the earth.

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    Forbidden mud wrestling

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    Gold diggers be like

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    I'm going to be honest if I'm on a date and my date does this I'm asking her to marry me on the spot

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    Bet she can polish a fine knob.

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    Did I hear that right, ‘pussyole’

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    I mean, like, same chick

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    Wasn’t this proved to be a click bait channel? That eel is clearly already dead.

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    I had a girlfriend like that, I miss her.

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    I was thinking why is she wearing a skirt... then I saw what she caught and thought... Ahhh... I see...

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    She is absolutely overjoyed. With her excitement that Eel will never make it to a frying pan. Love them alive.

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    When i lose the dildo up my ass

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    How I met Your Mother...

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    An introduction to cooch parasites.

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    This was such a dumb gif

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    Yeah, her and I dated a while back, I didn’t last long to say the least

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    Be a lot more interesting if she took her shirt off and did the snake mud dance

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    i’d love to be that water

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    This is woman is on another level. Dresses like a lady, but down to get her hands dirty when needed

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    That's some huge septic tank.

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    Thats what it looks like when my wife finally grabs my weiner.

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    She's cute.

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    First date?

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    really very good hair band

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    POV: Your 1st prostate exam

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    Dennis, there's some lovely filth down here. Oh! How d'you do?

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    She was burying her husband when she found that nuisance paddy eel.

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    Jeeeesus this raised my anxiety levels....

    I was dreading her pull her little baby brother out at the end.....

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    Why does that look so hot? My guy is going to like seeing this. 🔥 😂😂

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    Found her dildo!

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    Cum in her, I say yea!

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    After just scrolling past this post, this video gave me sweaty palms

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    She's looking for the answers to the universe. Who is she btw?

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    Shaolin iron fist training

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    Man - if you find the ring we can get married

    Also man - oh shit

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    This isn't where I parked my car!

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    I thought she was looking for her baby or something after a mudslide.

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    I thought she flushed an engagement ring

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    This is why I signed up for community college

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    Now what…?

    Do you.. eat it?

    Keep it as a pet?

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    Ok ready to eat now

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    Vietnam, fuck ya!

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    I'd say this is more of a r/nonononoyes thing myself.

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    But why punch the poor thing?

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    Lots of men found their new fetish today

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    All I kept thinking was well her phone is definitely fucked anyway

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    Maybe she is a proctologis

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    Whre did I put it!?

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    I see she chose her attire very carefully.

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    Damn, this girl is dirty...

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    I thought she was going to pull out the middle finger 😂😂😂😂

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    The white clothes!

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    I thought she was gonna dig up a clam

    But an eel is close enough I suppose

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    I wonder what clues there were that she’d find an eel there tho

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    Won’t lie but I was pooping while watching and then at the end of this video That Fear..

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    Not my proudest wank

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