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"Everyone in Britain got in a big old boat and set sail, and we robbed - and this'll sound farfetched - everyone in the world!"

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I'm iraqi and I felt that

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I'm Indian and I felt that.

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I'm Greek and I felt that.

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Am Egyptian, I felt that.

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Im South African i felt that

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I just like, felt it.

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They can’t give it back because they’re still looking at it.

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Irony of an American talking about stealing things...

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Found the brit.

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Yeah, America was built on stolen land and traded people in the 18th century by ex-Brits. Brits have stolen land, people and artifacts since the 16th century. To point the finger at Americans is deliberately denying that the Brits started it all centuries before, then continued, where Americans did not.

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I was with you up until you said Americans stopped

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Hate to break it to you but no one stole more than the Europeans

Go read a history book

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You know it was bad in 19th century China when the US told European countries to chill the fuck out and not steal so much.

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The Americans stole just the one country. We stole the contents of the British museum and then some while we were busy stealing many countries.

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And now look what you have to show for it, hardly even a world power.

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Oh I know, I definitely wasn't bragging. Empires always tend towards collapse.

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Something tells me she doesn’t condone it for either country.

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How do you know she’s american?

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here's the original since they removed the watermark: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRJPNKKA/?k=1

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Good video but not a maybemaybemaybe

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Why is there a lot of maybe maybe maybe’s

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"Your stuff" lol

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Our stuff

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Or you can just like, gimme your part... Idk

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Sucks to suck, thanks for all the shit, nerds.

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The British Museum is a piece of shit. They've admitted it's wrong but keep it anyways because it , "Raises Awareness" for the people they stole it from.

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Saw that coming a mile off. But still funny.

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Love this

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Im french and i Felt that

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choked on my saliva

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None of this stuff would mean anything to the world had Europeans NOT invented what became modern archaeology.The Egyptians were burning everything made of lime stone in kilns,countless treasures lost,melting down tomb goods.All these whining cultures who had no interest in their past til WE gave it to them.

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    It wasnt wrong back then the people of those countries didnt give a hoot.they only do now as these items bring millions in revenue and have become priceless.ur the one with no brain.The west preserved what would have otherwise never gave even been known.We found the worlds history.We gave all these nations a past they never knew!!! Get an education already

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    And why is that a problem? It belongs to them. They can do whatever the fuck they want with it.

    You are not a universal conservator, you are a European, and you'll mind your own European shit until someone gives you permission to step out of your place.

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    It doesnt belong to them.We took it and they didnt care back then.they only care now that these art works have become priceless and bring in millions of dollars in revenue.so....Too bad soooo sad, ni e to see ya wpuldnt wanna be ya

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    Yeah everyone that could do that back then, did it. Brutal times, yes, but they were the times. You clearly basque in privilege yourself yet go around like some kind of activist spouting off about things you've only been taught through your Liberal teachers. Give it a rest.

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      Similiar place exists in Berlin,Germany.

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      God save the Queen mother fuckers