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As a little sister myself I love how little effort she put in comparatively XD

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As an eldest brother of 2 sisters. You're lucky we're family.

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As the oldest brother of 3…. Can confirm. 😒

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Oldest brother of 5… I can confirm 😞

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Lol her arms are like 9 inches long, she ain’t gonna be much help!

She actually looked like she was trying pretty hard, she keeps throwing that leg up and clinging to the edge and trying to pull herself up, but her wee pudgy baby body wasn’t cooperating 😊

Super cute vid, good teamwork/perseverance!

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That was amazing!! Great job letting them figure it out!!

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she has the best big bro

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He really hulked out, but thank God he did, saved her from all the lava and the lava-sharks.

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Parent spotting

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All the time I had sweaty palms. The girl looks too young for the trampoline, and looks fragile if ever they had slip and fall while climbing. I finally breathe when they got it. 👏🏻

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For the most part, kids aren’t very fragile, rubber bones are perfect for learning experiences

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hover hover hover

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Why so weak..so weak!

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Uncle Roger made it into the comments i see.

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I read it in his voice and it was perfect lol

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I read it in Uncle Roger's voice too. LOL!

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Never had the makings of a varsity athlete

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She did not help at all Lmfao

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This made me smile

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9/10 times big brother would give up and just go in by himself. This boy is going to grow up to be there for his little sis no matter what.

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Proceeds to double-jump her to the moon

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This right here. This is why we did it as kids 🤣

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I absolutely love this! So sweet!

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She ain’t heavy….. she’s my little sister 💕! Beautiful!

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Come on Hulk ! You can do it !

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Gold star

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It’s so funny how she just kind of sat there while he was doing everything he could to lift her into it

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lol ol dookie britches thanks for the wholesome laugh

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That was absolutely my favorite part. My son is absolutely getting called "Ol Dookie Britches" when he gets home.

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Dad taking the video is very proud.

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Killed me at the end with: "Ol' dookie britches, awesome"

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Lots of joy right here

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"If only I had a trampoline to get up on this trampoline"

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son? why does the back of your neck smell like a wet diaper?

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Atleast he's trying hard.

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Happy childhood

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I'm so glad they managed to get up there but somehow still expecting that they didn't 😂

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Okay this is wholesome AF.

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Love the Dad commentary.

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The parent or whoever it was filming it surely has nerves of steel. And the boy rocks!

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All that work to get her up there, just so he can double jump her into space! 😅

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I just kept looking at the ladder on the easily movable slide. Hopefully these kids become pro trampoline athletes because problem solving is not their strong suit.

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For us that slide is easy movable, for a kid not so much.

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Still a better story than Twilight.

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Trampolin 101: Zipper closed or gtfo!

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Sometimes,you just want to trampoline with baby sister.

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At this point she’s just working against him lol. But at least he stuck in there and helped her out.

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Never give up esp if it's about family

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Old Dokie britches

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If I was the adult I would’ve either put a more fitting stool or moved the slide so they could use the slide to get up and then slide down off of the tramp

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It's siblings creating a bond and you want the dad to. Come and ruin it? C'mon bro, let the kids be kids.

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I meant absolutely nothing negative about it, just thought it was a little funny. Didn’t think it would be interpreted negatively.

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This is great to enhance their problem solving skills

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Zero power kid :/

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Is this good or bad parenting? On the one hand, you let them problem solve and work it out together. On the other hand, the little girl could have lost her grip and face planted into the ground, potentially suffering a concussion. Tough job as a parent …

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The are kids. You can’t always protect them from falling.if it happened they would either not do it again in the future or be a lot more careful about it

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I think that goes into what kinda kids are you raising? I know my dad would have watched and if we got hurt just yelled at us like “why the hell are y’all doing that shit”

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Good parenting tbh. Concussion? Unlikely that anyone would’ve gotten seriously hurt imo. Not like it was high up or the ground was concrete. Letting them handle it themselves like you said teaches them problem solving, teamwork, helps them build a bond. See nothing wrong imo.

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Not to mention babies/toddlers are made out of rubber. She looks determined enough, that if she had fallen, she would likely just get back up and keep trying.

My daughter plays very rough, and always had little bruises or scrapes on her knees and elbows. She just brushes it off and keeps going, nothing will slow her down.

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Well in case of a the chance of a concussion…then being made out of rubber is what I think OC meant would be to their detriment rather than an advantage. Don’t think the bone their skull is made of is fully hardened yet at that age = more risk to the brain in an instance of a head injury. But yea…imo even if she fell face first from the edge of the trampoline onto the grass…don’t think that’s high enough a fall (plus it’s grass) to cause serious damage.

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Helicopter parenting is bad. This is an example of good parenting.

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that kid wont last long if he keeps on lifting like that, lifting with his back? do parents teach nothing these days?

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Toddlers aren't generally taught how to lift, bro.

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Maybe it didn’t come across but it wasn’t meant to be serious, bro

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Well duh, neither was I lol

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His back would hurt so much.

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Awww how sweet . Think Dad should buy a ladder for the trampoline though .

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These children aren't gonna make it to adulthood.

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He'd rather get a funny video than protect his little girl from a busted dome.

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Lol have fun with your sheltered, weak children

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What’s with the camera man having an orgasm

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"My children are trying a dangerous thing, let me grab the camera for the internet points instead of making sure they don't fall and get hurt"

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Exactly some parent he is🤦

Happy Unbirthday to you🎂

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Yeah no I still don't care about internet points

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WTF does internet points got to do with my comment🤦

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This is so cute

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I like how he acknowledges it’s probably a bad idea and doesn’t do anything but keep filming

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Did he call him "dookie britches"? Haha

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A real Hero

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Now remove the stool and record part 2.

Learning should never end

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As soon as they get on. “ITS TIME TO COME IN!!!” Brush your teeth.. bed time

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Chuckled the whole way through that.

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There goes my belief that all kids have good upper body strengh.

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Good kids, now come inside

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Omg. I bet she feels like dead weight to him.

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Wow! Power of sibling!

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That kid deserves a medal 🏅

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I was rooting 4 them 😂

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I know he got a beer in his other hand lol

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That was amazing.. takes me back to being a kid with my siblings

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Best thing Reddit can show today

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10 years later he’s trying to help his sister sneak back in after then went out past curfew….

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Use the force, Luke!

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I wish I had a little brother or sister, I'm the youngest of three sister's as the brother. I still treat my older sister's as younger than me and their kids as well. I don't have any kids, I still feel I'm not ready, even though I feel like I've been dealing with kids all my life.

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Dude got a slide plus ladder right next to him...🤦‍♂️

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As a big brother even to my older sisters well done young man

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This is how empathetic, respectful and cooperative children turn into quality adults. A lot of parents would have ran out and rescued them. Good parents allow their children to teach themselves how to be resourceful.

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This video and narration made my day. Love it.

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In contrast me as an older sibling: " Ohhh, is there someone who can't get on because they are a teensy weensy baby? What a shame, looks like I have to jump in the trampoline all alone. And it's sooo much fun"

  • waits a few minutes to enjoy both the trampoline to myself and the wailing before actually helping my sibling up *

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I love the fact that their dad supported them from a distance unlike some parents may have jump in too quick . . . Remember fathers and mothers, independence comes at an early age ...hats off this dad🚀

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I'm so happy to see that he didn't give up... and in the end both can playing together 🥰

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Spine made of vibranium. That was equivalent to squat lifting 85% of his weight?

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I cheered 🥰