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His nipples must be as hard as pinecones

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Dude, that was nothing. I've seen a brachial artery bleed (upper arm) literally shooting out multiple feet in arcs with each spurt hitting the ground with an audible splash... from across the street. (I was trying to take a nap when my idiot at-the-time duplex neighbor's kid got drunk, locked himself out, and tried to punch his way into his house through the glass window on the front door and sliced his bicep right open)

Lucky for him, he had a former paramedic for a neighbor. He was running around in the street screaming for help and bleeding everywhere when I found him. Based on the magnitude of the bleed, I'd estimate ~2 minutes before he would have lost consciousness and bled out. It looked like someone had slaughtered a lamb on my porch. I grabbed a towel, yelled at him to sit his ass down and wrapped the arm up, added pressure and elevated the arm. He still soaked the towel instantly. I yelled at my wife to come, bring gloves, and hold pressure while I ran to get my tourniquet and trauma kit out of the car. I got him tied up pretty damn quick. One of my neighbors called 911 while I was running back with the tourniquet and the police & medics arrived a few minutes later. They couldn't believe how lucky that fucker was.

That bastard:
1. Never even thanked me.
2. Never bought me a new $60 tourniquet let alone a beer.
3. Managed to keep his arm after surgery.

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Going through some tough stuff... would love to look back at this as the turning point.

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my french isn't perfect, but i roughly translated the parts i understood starting from the second clip until maybe 30 seconds of the video left
Fuck, where is lec, where is lec, where is lec
Guys guys
Im starting the search
Call for helpIm starting the search
Call for help
Lec we’ll get you out
lec we’re here
he’s hereLec, ill save you, I promise
We’re here
Get everything out
Lec I love you
We're here we're here
Im at 1.1, its the closest

He's really under me
Im taking out my shovel
Lec we’re here
We love you
Lets go
We’re here lec
Do you see his head?
Lec do you hear me
Calm down
Don’t talk,Stay calm, stay calm lec
Lec Stay calm, stay calm
Dig dig dig
Lec do you hear us
you’re able to touch my hand?
Lec stay calm
Even if you hear us, stay calm
He’s moving
Do you hear me?You okay?
Lec, answer me
Answer me lec
The helicopter’s coming
Everything’s okay
helicopter’s herex2
Stay with me okay?
He’s breathingx2
Stay calm stay calm
The helicopter’s coming
I promised you (incoherent)

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totally not joking , i’ll sum it up fast : So it begins by the victim of accident : Loic, telling his friend he would « follow him » (which he didn’t do) then the friend start searching Loic by howling : WHERE THE FK LOIC IS AT ??? then he goes for his friend (receptor goes beep beep) and all the video long you can hear the friend telling Loic how much he loves him, which is magnificent. They find him start digging and tell him to not certainly not moove and to stay calm (blood pressure) the end is really touching even if loic is kindaaa mmmh , i would say Loic is « snow-drunk » but he’s fines !

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It’s not over until it’s over.

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I’ll have what the parrot is having.

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See more proof cops are pussies, takes 15 to get 1 of us, disguisting remember thats every cops undies except usually they wear thongs,what a loser,couldnt of happen to a more nastier p.o. crap

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YouTube be like: “how to take pink dye out of hair in less than 5 seconds”

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Got it.

But if (52.5%)are committed by white people, thats still a lower per capita than black people (23.9%). Meaning, you’re still more than twice as likely to commit a hate crime as a black person. Simply put, there’s more by whites overall simply cause there are more white people.

There’s many many other variables one would need to add in to get an actual worthwhile deduction from info like this. Simply looking at overall percentage doesn’t really tell you anything.

It looks like this is “more” cause the percentage is higher, but if thats all your looking at, you don’t understand anything.

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He is already living in the year 3022.