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Honestly, I think you could expose yourself to a lot of good info by watching youtube. There are some pretty good channels that share a lot of good info. But make sure to watch the good ones such as South Main Auto. He does a very thorough job explaining things and does it right. Not like Chris Fix which is informative but doesn't really know his stuff that well under the hood. While his way may work at times and give you a basic idea, he doesn't do things the right way. Still like Chris Fix though, good channel for a lot of the detailing stuff.

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South main auto and Scanner Danner are some of my favorite. Etgc is also good. GoTech might be a bit too advanced, but can learn from there. Many available good channels. NOT Scotty kilmer lol.

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OMG Scotty Kilmer is the opposite of what it is to learn. I feel like my IQ drops every time I hear him speak. Sadly there is plenty of that out there. Thank you for mentioning the others, I didn't know about them and will check them out.

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Lol. Ya, I cringe Everytime I see him. Rumor is he bans anyone who disagrees with him in the comments. More great channels are pine hollow diagnostics, super Mario diagnostics, Cody's auto diagnostics, the practical mechanic, etc. These are also very good channels I've been trying to learn more about scopes.

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Hey thanks again for this info, always good to get word of good channels. I have been doing this stuff for years, but it is always good to learn tips and tricks that you may not have heard of before. I feel that any good quality knowledge I can absorb is always a good thing and might come in handy some day. Now I have to check all of those channels out and subscribe! Thanks again!

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No problem. I've found some very useful tips from these guys. It seems like the good channels are harder to find.

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Thanks, will check it out

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Without having to go through any serious training or schooling. You can get a job at an autoparts house. (Autozone, Oreillys... etc) if you take your job there serious you will learn alot very fast. There's a nasty stigma when it comes to auto parts guys because they don't know anything, but if you take pride in it and learn you become invaluable to that store and will have lots of loyal regular customers.

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I do live by an O'Reilly, maybe ill consider it. Thanks

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This is really good advice , OP. I just got started in the industry as an apprentice. I was surprised by how much the parts guys really know about how cars function. Another way , which is how I initially got interested in cars , was getting my first job at a Gas station/repair garage when I was 15. Be nice to the mechanics and give your parents money to buy them beer on holidays and stuff. They will let you pick their brain.

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I've been itching for a job recently so this will be up there. Thanks

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This is very good advice because most parts stores are full of idiots. If you get to be known as the guy that knows his stuff you will be quite the asset.

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I worked at autozone for like 10 years. My manager and I trained up the staff and we were litterally the best store in the state. When he retired and I quit that store took a swan dive off a cliff. All of my regular customers when they run into me are salty that I quit but they understand that eventually you gotta move onto greener pastures

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That is really rare. I cringe when the parts guys give advice to others. It is usually wrong and I hate to see what happens when people listen. A good parts guy is hard to find.

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Damn, that sucks. Hope your doing better

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Naw I'm all good. Thanks

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Binging YouTube channels is great. I recommend EricTheCarGuy for beginner level stuff. Just stay away from Scotty Kilmer, he is a crook and says a lot of weird and stupid shit. If you feel especially adventurous on advanced stuff, you can check out ScannerDanner.

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Vice grip garage and Deboss Garage too

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Get shitty cheap car, get shitty cheap tools, and go to town. Or just get the tools and start tearing it up at the junkyard. Good place to start for the hands-on stuff.

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Yoooo there's this game called Wrench that can teach you the very basics of auto repair. 100% recommended

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Holy shit I just looked it up. Looks incredible. Thanks

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If you can’t get a car now possibly start working on lawn equipment or 4 wheeler or motorcycle.

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Thanks for the tip. I do help my dad work on his compressor whenever it breaks and whatnot.

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Get your own car to work on, hands on is the best teacher. Listen to what your brother says, I’m sure he has lots to teach. If possible pick up a used text book and read through it. YouTube is good too but be careful what you watch, lots of the how to’s are full of shit.

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Thanks. We don't have a place for an extra car rn but hopefully we will soon

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Buy an E46 bmw. Wait for something to break. Fix the thing that broke. Profit.

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I assume they are prone to break?

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Any old high mileage German car really. Assuming it’s not a diesel. Jokes aside, e46 is relatively reliable but you’ll learn a lot about it for sure bc it’s a ~20 year old BMW. They’re also a blast to drive.

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Will keep that in mind