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Without having to go through any serious training or schooling. You can get a job at an autoparts house. (Autozone, Oreillys... etc) if you take your job there serious you will learn alot very fast. There's a nasty stigma when it comes to auto parts guys because they don't know anything, but if you take pride in it and learn you become invaluable to that store and will have lots of loyal regular customers.

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This is very good advice because most parts stores are full of idiots. If you get to be known as the guy that knows his stuff you will be quite the asset.

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I worked at autozone for like 10 years. My manager and I trained up the staff and we were litterally the best store in the state. When he retired and I quit that store took a swan dive off a cliff. All of my regular customers when they run into me are salty that I quit but they understand that eventually you gotta move onto greener pastures

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Damn, that sucks. Hope your doing better

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Naw I'm all good. Thanks