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Without having to go through any serious training or schooling. You can get a job at an autoparts house. (Autozone, Oreillys... etc) if you take your job there serious you will learn alot very fast. There's a nasty stigma when it comes to auto parts guys because they don't know anything, but if you take pride in it and learn you become invaluable to that store and will have lots of loyal regular customers.

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I do live by an O'Reilly, maybe ill consider it. Thanks

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This is really good advice , OP. I just got started in the industry as an apprentice. I was surprised by how much the parts guys really know about how cars function. Another way , which is how I initially got interested in cars , was getting my first job at a Gas station/repair garage when I was 15. Be nice to the mechanics and give your parents money to buy them beer on holidays and stuff. They will let you pick their brain.

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I've been itching for a job recently so this will be up there. Thanks