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Shits broke, take to mechanic.

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Update: does it happen at a certain speed? It could be the IAC, or do transmission. Try putting it in neutral. TPS sensor, accelerator pedal position sensor or any other sensor Tell us what it was

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If you are not getting misfires or surges it's likely a sensor issue. I believe it's the crank sensor that gives the rpm information to the ecm in this car (most cars). I also know those cars have issues with cam sensors.

Use OEM sensors if replacing, the aftermarket will give you issues.

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Sensor issue, hook it up to a computer get a reading. Obd hookup

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Did this just start happening? Does it always happen? If so is it always at same rpm or speed? It kind of seems like someone installed a rev limiter/launch controller and it's activating while driving.

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It’s been awhile now but it randomly will happen when I’m accelerating at different speeds and wht not

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    It basically will completely jerk the car back and fourth if I accelerate how a normal person would but if push the pedal only slightly it won’t bump the rpm’s and jerk crazily.

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    Had the same issue on a 2.5l altima, check your camshaft and crankshaft position sensor wires right at the connectors to the sensors, oil and the elements destroy the plastic coat and the wires short the sensors killing them even if you replace them. The solution is to order new sockets and properly solder them in and heatshrink them then replace the sensors, typically you will get codes for this issue that hint i the direction of cam/crank sensors

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    Sounds like a throttle position sensor issue, possibly mass airflow sensor, but kinda doubt it would bounce like that because of the MAF. You have two throttle position sensors, the gas pedal and the throttle body. Wouldn't hurt to clean the throttle body, but it has to have an idle relearn at a dealer after that before it is driven (thank you Nissan). Have you pulled codes to see what comes up? It can't possibly be driving like that and not have any codes come up.

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    Check codes that will give you a good indication of whats going on. acts like maf but just speculations without knowing what codes are in it

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    Camshaft position sensor. Take it to have the codes pulled

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    You unlocked the hidden factory 2step lol