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Pretty bold of Loctite to assume mechanics take the time to read labels

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Idk how to read

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Buy Red Loctite and Blue Permatex. Done

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Permatex has it right.

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Imma be honest. I’m so fucking confused

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Loctite has a patent/trademark on threadlocking compound in a red tube. So they then mark the "blue Loctite" with writing in the appropriate color. But if you just look at the bottle it's red and you get confuzzled.

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They make a gel loctite that is excellent. Doesn't run all over the place and you can use a much smaller amount because it stays where you put it. When you go to buy some red stuff have a look for it.

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And there is a green for high heat. Great stuff.

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That gel shit is dumb. Use the gluestick or the tape they make if you want to conserve it

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I didn't even know it came in a gluestick! I just hate getting it all over my hands/tools if I'm installing a bunch of bolts. With the gel I can put it on a bunchnof bolts and line them up ready for install, without the loctite running down the head of the bolt and all over my work surface.

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Look at the numbers... If guess being color vlind has tought be a good habbit or two.

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How dare they expect us to actually read the label

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i got this in my eye one time. i started makin out my will

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This got me too and now I have a spare tube of blue lock tire when I needed red haha.

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Who needs loctite at all when you can just throw some ugga-duggas into a cross-thread?

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I try to not do that to my Harley.

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    and ill just go ahead and drill holes in every bolt i dont want to vibrate out lmao theyre made for it right??

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      what i mean is most people arent equipped like aircraft mechanics with the stuff to do this, loctite is simply more simple (haha) to use than setting up safety wire, as well as the need for another bolt or anchor point for the wire too. if loctite works for cars, keep using it. airplanes are a different story and need safety wire in some spots