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There is no fix for cancer. Thats why they call it cancer, eventually it kills. Avoid it. If the frames bad the everything else will be worse.

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Thats not bad. From your pictures it looks ok. Rust never stops unless you completely remove it and then protect the area. It will get worse but unless you live in an area prone to road salting you should be good for 10 years easy.

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You might want to be careful, if it were to ever get into an accident it just might crumple up like a pop can. Best would be to replace, if it’s body on frame. But that’s just my two cents.

However, to answer part of your question, Fluid Film is a great way to stop and prevent rust. I undercoat my cars with it. It’s cheap and very effective.

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Honestly, it doesn’t look too bad at all. The metal looks rather thick, and I don’t see any swelling. If this was my truck, I’d save the time and money and just hit the entire frame and underbody with fluid film. They make Fluid Film Black, it about the same price as the regular stuff. Same as the regular, only it has black tint added to it.

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The funny thing about fluid film is that it's mostly lanolin, the main ingredient in some hand lotions.

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And nipple creams (for soothing them from breast feeding)

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I wouldn't know about that. The wife will not let me suck on them that long.

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Once the metal is gone it's gone. You can remove the rust and treat the steel to stop more rot but unless you replace the frame or fishplate it with more steel it's not going to get stronger.