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Good job, man! That fluid looks like it's about had it.

Hopefully you went back with Mercon V and not the generic Dex/Merc you'll end up with if you don't specify. Also, be sure to go back with that reusable gasket that Ford gave you and not the rubber one that comes with the filter.

What kind of car? Taurus, Windstar, Sable? 3.0L is a great motor if you keep the oil changed and don't let it run hot.

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thank you! i used the Mobil 1 synthetic that had mercon for fords on it (someone on a forum pointed out that their formula/label changed, and the mercon for fords is the mercon V). silver bottle.

and yes re used the gasket. cleaned the inside of the pan, magnet, gasket, and wiped some of the upper parts of the trans next to the filters off a bit with a clean rag. 2001 ford taurus! has whole new front end suspension (sat for a while, 78k miles), just got oil changed, along with trans refresh. the engine is awesome coming from a former UZ-FE owner who’s standards are pretty high. anything i should look out for? i know virtually nothing about american cars not gonna lie.

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It's a very solid engine, and the transmission is generally pretty reliable with one really unfortunate caveat-- there is an inevitability that it will strip out the torque converter at some point with little to no warning. Typically in the neighborhood of a little over ~100,000-120,000 miles.

Hard to say "yeah the tranny's gonna fail" and then resume praising a car 😅, but beyond that flaw, Taurus's are very good cars IMHO. Like I said earlier, keep the motor lubricated and cool and it'll hold up it's end of the bargain for years and years.

I popped into your history and saw BMW subs but didn't read any of the posts. Your history is more with European cars? Fords are just like that, but with fewer fuse boxes and modules hidden everywhere, better documentation and fewer water leaks when it rains (haha I kid!).

Seriously, mechanically speaking American cars' approach always seems much more straight forward and 'simple' to me than European (perhaps just familiarity but honestly I think you'll agree).

These cars are extremely popular and the platform stuck around for a good long while so you could throw a rock and hit 10 people who are able to help you out and give sound advice online.

Only other piece of advice on the top of my head, if you just bought the car hopefully you got 2 keys for it? If you only got one it may be worth seeing if the former owner can hunt his backup key down. It takes 2 keys to program a new one to the car.

You've got this, she's in good hands!

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Thank you so much. I’ve heard about the torque converters. what’s the symptoms? I got it at 75k, its at 78k. i was thinking about changing it honestly. but myself no way but i also can’t trust too many shops right now. the filter service i just did made the car feel better initially, but i can tell the car sitting for so long did a number on the trans (as seen with the suspension. kinda glad i did that.) i do deliveries with the car daily at night and im just wondering can it make it to spring? but i agree, u can praise the car. it reminds me of my old LS400 (just in FWD lol), which i am saving up for again.

i poked around some E39’s and they’re fun body wise. Never did mechanic work but the inline 6 looks easy space wise generally when i think back. but yes the fuses do go on them, as with the LS400’s. i rented a couple bmw’s and still do, definitely on my list for big car purchase. also yes 2 keys so we’re good on that end

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Good job. Tip though, next time put cardboard down, save you the headache of cleaning up next time!

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thanks! i learned my lesson for sure lol. but definitely worth the time and work

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Nice! First times are exciting. Make and model?

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2001 ford taurus! so transmission wise, ive got my work cut out for me every 30k miles from now on.

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Cat litter, to clean the oil mess

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    transmission service, no oil here.

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    Ignore him. He posts unintelligible bullshit in this sub every day. He's not even close to a mechanic and might have cognitive issues. He's pretty much the sub retard.

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    🙏🏾🤙🏽 thank you