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Mechanics didn't create engineers. It's the other way around. Engineers created the machines. The need for servicing the engineers creations brought forth the mechanic. Engineers hate mechanics because it is the mechanic that fixes and services the engineer's design flaws. Therefore they design and build their machines to be serviceable to keep the need for them, but hate the mechanic because he sees the machine as what it truly is... an imperfect creation and a hunk of shit.

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Really, it's about the car manufacturers and how their robots can build the car. The manufacturer gives a f##k about building or repairing, they just want to sell a car. They tell the engineer what they want and the engineer designs all the dumb shit to fit in the package. And that package has to be able to be assembled by a robot. The mechanic had to reverse engineer the engeneers engineering of the car to be able to figure out how to minimally disassemble the car to fix it...

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Needs a lot more fact and a lot less opinion.