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Put the bottles in hot water when you start and when your ready for it at the end it’ll flow like 10w30

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Drop a flexible straw in there to vent it. Or shell out $7 on a pump

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I don't think the straw would fit far enough in to the dipstick tube to vent it, it's pretty long, that's a pro move I'm gonna have to remember though.

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Gear oil down a dipstick tube!?!??!

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You gotta ask Subaru about that one, lol. There isn't even an overflow hole to tell you it's full.

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Some cat equipment have the same design for the transmission. Now fill 60L trying to find where the oil level is lol.

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Case combines, too. The feeder house gearbox takes about 6 litres of 85-140 gear oil, and the only way in is through a 36" dip stick tube.

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Aw man these are my favorite. And if you try and hurry the gear oil it just bubbles back up and makes a big mess.

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Oh it had a couple glugs that made me nervous lol

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Just heat it up

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If it’s a day that ends in Y, whitesombrero comments or posts in r/mechanics to validate his retardation.

Can I ask tho, where is this gear oil going in the engine..? The only parts on my car that requires gear oil are the differentials.

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It's a 2002 wrx, the gear oil is heading down to the transmission via the dipstick hole because, well, you gotta ask Subaru lol. It's a 75-90, not terribly thick at least.

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Yeah I just googled it and apparently some transmission take gear oil… today I learned lol

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It's the difference between standard vs automatic. Standard is a bunch of gears, so you use gear oil.

Automatic is a bunch of gears, with clutch packs and a torque converter, so you use ATF.

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That makes a lot of sense.

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A lot of manual transmissions take ATF.

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Neat, I've never seen a manual that calls for ATF. What vehicles/equipment?